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Amanda Read is a contributor to Brenner Brief News. She has also contributed to Marriage Generation.

Formerly, Miss Read was a columnist of the former Washington Times Communities and a worldview columnist for Latitude 821. She has served as a contributing writer to The Girlhood Home Companion Magazine.

- Screenplays -

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The Crusading Chemist (2006-2009), a historical/biopic/drama script about the life of Harvey W. Wiley. It is currently represented by Abbot Management and may undergo a second revision by the author.

Romans XIII (2014-present), a drama/suspense/comedy series about an investigative journalist and a historian who navigate obstacles of new media politics, apathetic and psychotic friends, and forbidden love as they expose a radical’s unusual hit list.

Convention of States – Alabama (2013), Amanda Read wrote and narrated this informative video on the process of an Article V Convention of States.

- E-Books and Books –

Keeping the Family Flock: A Primer on Keeping Chickens (Fair Hills Farm, 2008)
The Modesty Handbook, co-author (Latitude 821, 2009)
Thank You: 20 Homeschool Grads Tip Their Hats to Homeschool Parents, co-author (Amy Puetz, 2010)
The Femininity Handbook (also sold in print), co-author (Latitude 821, 2011)

- Media Projects –

Miss Read is the co-founder of Keystone General Media, the Read family media company.

Miss Read is the founder of Luke Historians, a website dedicated to trumping convention by declaring the past as the key to the present, and forming a meeting of Greek and Hebrew minds by encouraging skeptics and Christians to have fruitful discussion. [UPDATE: The LH project is undergoing some major revamping.]

Miss Read has also worked as an independent contractor for the pro-life organization Live Action.

Amanda Read

Be Forewarned…

The Alabama-based writer, filmmaker, Christian homeschool graduate, unconventional college graduate, military daughter and eldest of the 9 Read children. The origins of Sincerely Amanda are recounted here.

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Active Compassion for the Persecuted –

Willing To Be Examined

"Man was at first a perfect upright Creature, The lively Image of his Great Creator: When Adam fell all men in him Transgress'd, And since that time they Err, that are the best, The Printer Errs, I Err much like the Rest. Welcome's that Man, for to complain of me, Whose Self & Works are quite from Error free."
- Nathaniel Ames (Almanack), 1729.
My constant prayer is to glorify the LORD far beyond my own finite imagination!

"Vindicate me, O LORD, for I have walked in my integrity, and I have trusted in the LORD without wavering. Examine me, O LORD, and try me; Test my mind and my heart."

- Psalm 26:1-2