Behind the Scenes, Spring Break Style

Matthew Perdie & Amanda Read at work

On March 9th, my Term III 2013 at Troy ended and Matthew Perdie arrived for a brainstorming visit. After helping us set up our new green screen and lights…

Abigail masters the Director's Viewfinder.

Abigail masters the Director’s Viewfinder.

…Matthew and I got to work planning our first web series…

Such a creative day at Fair Hills Farm!

We’re not telling much about the plot yet, but you can catch a few hints here and there in this video…

After that, Matthew headed off to CPAC while I did some writing for ViralRead, worked on screenwriting, helped clear land by hand, and enjoyed cooking new recipes.

Clearing land the old fashioned way…

Also, here’s a snapshot of my sister Rachel and me dressed up for a very insightful Ratio Christi JSU event – “Sincerely: An Honest Response to Honest Questions.” I will reference it in future posts, I’m sure!

Amanda & Rachel go out

I’m now down to my final term and final class in college, and I have lots to write about!

Presidential Portraits: George Washington

Eight years ago, my sister Rachel and I made a cassette tape about George Washington for fun (yes, this is what teenage Read girls did for fun…in the era when I made a portrait of George Washington the desktop background on our computer). We organized a soundtrack for the recording by playing Baroque and Classical pieces on a CD player in our room during production. We thought it would be appropriate to share this presentation in a video in honor of our beloved Washington’s 281st birthday.

Never let a childhood endeavor go to waste!

I think we were influenced by Diana Waring, whose history tapes we would routinely listen to at bedtime. We wanted to tell history in the same entertaining way she did!

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