A Few Moments Of Peace And Quiet…

A Few Moments Of Peace And Quiet…

Liberty does not necessarily produce peace and quiet. But there are those moments, and with a cup of coffee at my side, I might as well write…

Today is Monday. I have always regarded Monday as one of my favorite days of the week. Very politically incorrect, indeed. I know a good many people that hate Mondays! However, to me they always implied a fresh start – the beginning of a new week. I also used to take riding lessons on Mondays years and years ago, which I always looked forward to.

Currently, Monday is Ballet day for Rachel – as I refer to it. She goes to dance class in the evening, and Mom usually takes a few other children along to go grocery shopping with her in the same outing. Tonight she has Abigail, Mary and Benjamin accompanying her. I just have Elizabeth and the other boys.

That leaves me to babysit and make supper. I actually enjoy that…it’s time off from seat work (what ever work that may be). Recently I’ve been editing various Congressional/Committee hearings for the screenplay.

The weather has been really cold and windy today. The sky has appeared to be in a perpetual silent dilemma – it can’t decide whether to go ahead and storm away or remain clear. I love those storm clouds…

Beth is very verbal now. She makes her demands and comments known. She has been asking Rachel to do ballet with her. She just fell asleep on my bed a moment ago with her satin pink leotard and skirt on.

She still has Ben’s blue baby blanket draped over her head from the past few minutes in which she insisted that we take a walk outside. I took her with me to check on the chicken coop – and then she discovered how cold it is.

She has been asking me to teach her how to play the piano. She has watched me give Abigail and Mary their lessons and she is very eager. She has the names of the notes a bit mixed up with the alphabet, however – she keeps insisting that there is a “H” note!

We’re getting ready for one of the most blessed holidays of the year – Thanksgiving. The fellowship will be tremendous, LORD willing.

Well, Dad just got home and I have to get supper started in about an hour.




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Monday, November 20, 2006 – I Believe…

Posted by
I believe if you had a few more cheery and actual enjoyable posts on here, there’d be a flock of bloggers commenting like a pogo stick! (Or, as you sometimes say, smitten by the getgo!) So, to make it that way, I have considerately, and sisterly, TAGGED you!!! HA! Here’s the link with the questions:


~ Love, *Rachel* ~

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Wednesday, November 22, 2006 – Happy Thanksgiving!

Posted by Clarissa
Hey! I haven’t had any time lately to read other people’s blogs. I’ll have to use some of my vacation time to catch up with everyone! Yeah, I’m kinda obsessed with organization sometimes. You should see my bedroom! ; ) I normally don’t have enough to say on my blog to make long entries, but something got into me on Monday and I just started rambling… I hope I get more into that, ’cause sometimes so much is going on that I need to write it down and get it out of my head. Anyways, I guess even if I don’t normally have long blog posts I’ve just proven that I leave long comments… So I hope you’re having a great Thanksgiving!
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Friday, November 24, 2006 – a note from Rose

Posted by Rose
Hello Amanda,
I liked your post about Mondays. Usually I don’t really like Mondays because it is the only day of the week that I’m not doing anything but like you said, it is a fresh start and its a brand new week.
Come read my latest post: Socially deprived?
Love to hear from You,

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