Abigail is the 4th child and 3rd daughter in the Read family. I have always wondered what it is like to be Abigail. She has fiery blue eyes (to enhance her hot temper) and long dark hair. Mom once said that she is the prettiest daughter in the family. I reminded her that she has to be or else she would be scary .

She just turned 9 this year, but she acts as though she should be at least 10 by now. Despite her petite build (similar to mine), she has outstanding resolve. That’s one way to put it, at least.

{To word it simply, if someone must encounter a venomous snake, she is the best candidate}

Anyway, as I have mentioned before, we have a pond (small lake?). Dad will occasionally recruit a few children to go fishing with him in the afternoon (if someone catches any, they look forward to some of Mom’s delicious broiled fish).

Fishing ought to be a synonym for patience. I have been fishing many times. You can stand on the banks of the pond with rod in hand and eyes glazing over and suddenly – TUG! It is disapointing when one of the fish swindle you out of bait. Abigail doesn’t allow that. She has caught four so far. Then one day…

Serpents…ugh (they may be “cool”, but still…). We have several cats that keep them away from the house, and Rex will chase them off in the woods. I think the reptiles have had their eyes on the pond for a long time.

Amanda, get to your point already. I know – in fact, I have trouble writing essays because I flat out write too much!

Very well – It just so happened that Abigail was on a fishing expedition at the aforesaid pond when something next to her caused the water to stir. Slither, ripple…Sure enough, as she turned to her left she saw a dark snake swimming towards the other side of the pond.

It lifted its head above the water and opened its jaws, actually revealing two prominent fangs and white mouth.

Not shaken in the least, Abigail absorbed every detail and reported it to Dad.

Conclusion: I do not intend to swim in the pond or fall out of the canoe – dare I row again.