The Downtown Experience

The Downtown Experience

Recently (finally) the county paved our road. Now it is nice, smooth and black. I took a trip down the updated road for the first time on the last day of August – and it was an amusingly eventful trip at that.

We have some how ended up covered with cats (if you haven’t already guessed). In fact, we have more cats on our property than any other animal (with the possible exception of fish in our pond). My dad says that we have a cat farm. Mom made mention of the fact that by some miracle we haven’t lost any of them. Our cats really do have nine lives. They don’t get hit by cars or mauled by coyotes or attacked by birds of prey or anything. That’s a good thing and all (snakes and rodents flee), just interesting. {Anyway…}

One of our ten cats – Major – needed to get his rabies shot, and his mother and sister (Mitzi and Mirette) needed to get some extra shots so that they can have their spaying operations (did you know that one female cat and her offspring can produce 480,000 cats in 7 years?). Rachel has been looking forward to signing up for ballet, so Dad agreed to take Rachel and I (and three cats) on a trip downtown to accomplish both maneuvers.

We headed to the vet’s office in Hokes Bluff first. That was a swift enough breeze once we got there. Then it was time to head to Gadsden to investigate the Downtown Dance Conservatory at the Mary G. Hardin Center For Cultural Arts.

We left the cats in their carrier, certain that we would not be in the building for too long. The place was refreshingly cool and had a classical, fancy air to it. The dance instructor was lovely. The atmosphere appeared to be an excellent target for Rachel’s dancing pursuits. The decision was made for her to attend a class the week after Labor Day.

As we walked back to the van, I decided that in order to be a responsible animal keeper I ought to give the cats some water. Intending to get the task done as simply as possible, I unlatched the top part of the carrier and filled up their water bowl. I quickly latched it up again and got back in the car.

We began our nice drive back down Broad Street again. Everything had worked out well – especially for having to haul the cats downtown. However, stories – even those that make up our daily lives – simply never turn out excellent without that sudden twist in the script. It’s the twist we have fun watching and reading about but never really want to experience.


A pewter colored van is coasting down the busy, well-populated downtown street.



DAD is driving. AMANDA is reading the Cultural Arts newspaper in the front seat. RACHEL is looking over her dance class enrollment forms. The radio is playing.

CLOSE SHOT: Unnoticed by the passengers, A black cat with four white paws sneaks out of the loose pet carrier door in the trunk of the vehicle.

WIDE SHOT: The black cat with four white paws begins to crawl over the middle seat next to RACHEL.

RACHEL: AHH! (feminine shriek) A cat!

Amanda looks over her shoulder to see the black cat with four white paws climbing over the seat.

AMANDA: What? Mitzi! (looking surprised)

DAD: (still driving vehicle) A cat? Loose in the car? (Take note that this character does not appreciate having to bring animals in the car regardless)

AMANDA grabs the cat as it approaches the front seats. She holds the cat in her lap. She attempts to laugh it off.

AMANDA: Oh, I’m like those rich people that sit there stroking a cat everywhere they go…

DAD: Driving a car?

CLOSE SHOT: RACHEL tries to contain her laugh.


EXT. The van gradually slows to a halt. People are walking and driving by obliviously.


INT. Van

AMANDA: How in the world? I made sure I locked it!

RACHEL: Oh, they’re all out!

The white and black cat and the solid black cat also escape and crawl under the seats.

DAD: Put the cats back in their carrier –

AMANDA: How on earth did they – I don’t understand –

DAD: Put them back in!

AMANDA jumps out of her seat and scrambles to the back, still holding the black cat with four white paws. Panicking, she attempts to climb over the middle row of seats.

RACHEL: Amanda! The papers!

AMANDA: Sorry – get them out of the way!

The black cat with four white paws grips on to the seat with her claws, resulting in AMANDA getting stuck. She yanks the cat around without a thought, and reaches for the top of the carrier in the trunk.

AMANDA: Rachel, help me! Here, take Mitzi. (Tosses cat) Don’t let her get away. Or get Major and Mirette…

DAD: Hold the cat and don’t worry about getting your hands dirty! (Seeing that RACHEL is a bit reluctant)

AMANDA realizes that the carrier is too bulky to pull over the back seats.

AMANDA: I can’t get the thing – here, I’ll have to get out. Come on, Rachel –

RACHEL: Alright, what?

AMANDA: Just, get the cats. Don’t let them get out. (opens sliding side door)



AMANDA hastily runs to the back of the van, still trying to appear dignified and not attract attention to the scene. She opens the trunk and takes out the carrier. She brings it inside the van.

AMANDA: Here, put them in.

AMANDA and RACHEL quickly scramble after the cats. AMANDA takes the top off of the carrier and begins stuffing the cats in. Despite their embarrassment, both girls can by now can barely hold in their laughs.

DAD: (Impatiently) Put the cats in the carrier!

AMANDA: We are! There, I think I’ve got all of the latches…the door is closed.



She takes the carrier out of the van, loaded with cats, and walks back to the trunk. She double checks the door, and heads back to her seat.



AMANDA buckles her seat belt and looks back at RACHEL. They are both trying to restrain their hilarity.

DAD: They’re not going to get out again, are they?

AMANDA: No, they shouldn’t.

They all resume their peaceful drive downtown…heading back to the country.





Sep. 4, 2006 – I didn’t have time to read it all but I will…

Posted by Jocelyndixon
I don’t know if it was you but… I have read the Silmarillion… If it wasn’t you then you know anyway! We had 20 cats one time! AHH I’m glad their ALL gone!

Garo galu vaer (Have a Blessed day!)

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Sep. 6, 2006 – Hello To You!

Posted by SuperAngel
Thanks for coming to The Daily Planet and leaving me a comment!
It is always nice to have people come to your blog! But it is even better when they leave you a comment saying they have been there!

I read you profile and sounds like you have a wonderful life! I would luv to stay in touch! You sound like a very insightful person. I think it would be fun getting to know each other!

How are you? Hope you are having a GREAT week! That sounds like an adventure!

Just stopping by to say HEY……so……HEY!!

Take Care!

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