Photography by Abigail Read.

Photography by Abigail Read.

Amanda Read is a writer and filmmaker currently based in Alabama who revels in investigating the roots of contemporary culture and politics and communicating her discoveries. Amanda wants to know why people think, speak, act, and govern the way they do, and is willing to question “why?” at levels most do not bother to wonder.

Amanda Christine Read is the eldest of nine children and was homeschooled until she began attending a state university. Because her father was a Russian linguist and foreign area officer in the U.S. Army, she has lived in Europe, Central Asia, and all over the United States. She currently resides in Alabama, where her father retired as a Lieutenant Colonel.

At the age of 13, she started a homeschool e-newsletter.  Her first news article was about the debacle at the Alabama Supreme Court over the Ten Commandments monument, which ended up ousting the popularly elected Chief Justice Roy S. Moore.  Miss Read was also intrigued by the events of the War on Terror, and she has been writing about politics and culture ever since.

In 2004, her mother discovered the fascinating history of Dr. Harvey W. Wiley and the Pure Food and Drug Act of 1906. After years of researching and writing, Amanda completed a full length historical drama screenplay titled The Crusading Chemist in March 2008 and completed a revision of it in 2009.

After a few years of blogging, Amanda’s writing caught the eye of  “Cranks My Tractor” writer Brent Heard, a family friend who has known Amanda’s father since high school. Brent then recommended her to the editor of The Communities at The Washington Times, who assigned her a column in the Politics section (formerly known as The Loop) in May of 2010. When her literary focus turned to matters of academia, culture, and filmmaking following the 2012 Presidential Election, her column was transferred to the Global section.

In May of 2013, Miss Read graduated Magna Cum Laude from Troy University with a Bachelor of Science degree in History.

In early 2014, Amanda became a contributor and assistant editor for Brenner Brief News.

She lives with her family on a small farm and is working with them and her friend Matthew Perdie in film production.

Amanda Read has been blogging since January 2006.

CONTACT:  amanda[at]amandaread[dot]com.


As far as I’m concerned, let GOD be found true, though every man a liar.  You’re not afraid of a little controversial debate, are you?  Oh come now, comrades, fellow heirs to the Kingdom.  We’ve got all eternity ahead of us to dwell in peace without the disruption of falsehood.  Let’s get in a good skirmish with it while we have the chance!

Amanda first started writing on the internet in 2003 at the age of 13 when she edited the family’s homeschool e-newsletter, The A Place To Read Gazette.  A few years later, her sister Rachel suggested that they start blogging on the then-new blogging phenomenon, www.HomeSchoolBlogger.com.   After going through some technical difficulties and usernames that didn’t fit her too well, Amanda ended up accepting the label that Rachel had originally slapped upon her in jest: Sincerely Amanda.  She has since tried to make her writing live up to it.

Sincere…in the Bible that word has been communicated as “unblemished” (in Hebrew), and “judged by sunlight, to be genuine” (in Greek), as used in the following Scripture…

“And this I pray, that your love may abound still more and more in real knowledge and all discernment, so that you may approve the things that are excellent, in order to be sincere and blameless until the day of Christ; having been filled with the fruit of righteousness which comes through Jesus Christ, to the glory and praise of God.” ~Philippians 1:9-11

The author of this blog is not without blemish except by the blood of CHRIST, and she does not claim to be otherwise. But this website is not about her – it is about sincerely judging current and past events by the SONlight of the World and the awesome story He authored that is History.