Winston Churchill

For Sir Winston Churchill’s birthday, read what his great-grandson Jonathan Sandys has discovered to fill a void in scholarship on Britain’s wartime prime minister: his Christianity. Jonathan kindly took the time to have an interesting conversation with me about Churchill’s faith in Christ and what the

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"Wanted" poster

Aptly titled Wanted, Nathan Jacobson’s award-winning short film tells the story of Luke (a compelling performance by Rusty Martin, Courageous), a foster child who is welcomed into a family home right before his eighteenth birthday. Because of his troubled upbringing, Luke feels no one wants him, and

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November 14, 2015

Oh, France!

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Arc de Triomphe by Yortw

France gave us Baron Montesquieu, Marquis de Lafayette, Alexis de Tocqueville, the Louisiana Purchase, the language of diplomacy and dance, Blaise Pascal, Voltaire, Victor Hugo, Frédéric Bastiat, Alexandre Dumas, Joan of Arc, Napoleon Bonaparte, Claude Monet, Claude Debussy, Gabriel Fauré, the Statue of Liberty; a

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Amanda Read for Histocrats resized

7 Questions With Amanda Read, Co-Host of the History Author Show… It was my pleasure to speak with the history enthusiast website Histocrats about how history has been a lifelong inspiration for me that has turned into a profession. You might be interested in reading

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…Woodlawn’s coach tries to reform the team in his own strength, and learns that the real solution is supernatural. Changing structure is collective and merely external, not what changes individual souls. Football levels the playing field in the story of racial tension, and like in The Blind Side,

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Joshua Sheik and Amanda Read at the August 29th, 2015 premiere of "Woodlawn" in Birmingham, Alabama
Jim Leeke HA banner

This week my first appearance on the History Author Show aired. I joined host Dean Karayanis for a fun conversation and showcasing of Jim Leeke’s Matty Boy: A Civil War Novel For Young Readers. Listen in, and decide what you think. Do you have any

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