I’m not sure how many of you have still kept up with my relatively quiet website over the past few years. Besides my lack of regularity in posts, part of the dent in my readership is likely due to my website for so long being difficult to read on mobile devices. Furthermore, in these busy times folks benefit from audio versions of the written word anyway, so that’s another planned project to enhance my media output.

I’ve now redesigned the website to be mobile compatible and to highlight its intended commonplace book style. I’m very grateful to Eric Novak and Courtney Shevchenko for helping me with all the technical issues this website has suffered. I still have a ways to go in ironing out all the wrinkles, but at least it is functional now.

As for what’s happening in daily life at this point: I’m due to birth a baby boy on September 9th; I’ve stepped down from full-time teaching (just subbing for the moment) and am working on writing and producing from home; Theodosia is 2 1/2 years old and is a bright little homeschooled preschooler; we’re rather hill and plains country-type folks living in a coastal city dwelling, and I’m experimenting with ways to pursue self-sufficiency regardless. It’s a creative challenge!

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