Art Portfolio

“Pond At Fair Hills Farm,” acrylic on stretched canvas. 2008.

“Bethy Linda With Dominique Pullets,” acrylic on canvas board. 2007.

My sketch of a famous Casablanca two shot (graphite and charcoal, 2016).

“Dominique Hen and Cock”, Fair Hills Farm Logo, acrylic on paper. 2007.

“The Model Maid,” acrylic on 16″ x 20″ stretched canvas. 2011. Based on a photograph of my sister Rachel; done for a college art assignment.

Christine Daae, and “Think of Me” lyrics flowing as her hair (ink and graphite, 2015).

Illumination on the envelopes of thank you letters.

A watercolor/graphite/charcoal/ink portrait of John Lennox for the Flashback Friday Interviews series (2017).

A watercolor/graphite/charcoal/ink portrait of Kellyanne Conway for the Flashback Friday Interviews series (2017).

I sketched this logo for the Cute Girls Read series (2016).

Internet outage one February day called for dabbling in puppy portraiture. I’ll be like ‪‎Leonardo Da Vinci‬ and consider everything unfinished (2017).

Conceptual art, political cartoon, “Peeking Justice Armed With Red Tape.” Ink and watercolor on paper, 2016.

Movie poster-style collage of character sketches for an amateur film concept, “The Called and The Chosen” (Watercolor and ink, 2009).