Virtus & Sincerity slider test

Kaiser Johnson and Stacey Bradshaw as Virtus Coolidge and Sincerity Newton (photography by Abigail Read).

Does internal apathy lead to external corruption?

ROMANS XIII (13), drama/comedy 13-part web series. An agnostic investigative journalist and a Christian historian navigate obstacles of new media politics, apathetic and psychotic friends, and forbidden love as they expose a radical’s unusual hit list. Filmed in northeastern Alabama. Written by Amanda Read. Directed by Matthew Perdie. In production.


The Crusading ChemistCan true science conquer bureaucracy?

THE CRUSADING CHEMIST is a historical drama/biopic about Dr. Harvey W. Wiley (1844-1930) and his quest to protect Americans from corrupt practices in the food and drug industries while navigating the tempestuous personality of President Theodore Roosevelt and the workings of Solicitor McCabe, a federal bureaucrat who has an agenda of his own. Written by Amanda Read. Pre-production (script only).


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Amanda Read often works in association with or as a subcontractor of Perdie Productions, and she is one of the founding members of the Keystone General Media Awakening Project.

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