Sik Family 2021 (And Beyond!) Letter

Greetings, family and friends! You are welcome to return to this page throughout the year to see pictures and updates as they come.

Our most significant blessing in 2021 was the birth of our son, Caleb Aaron Sik, on September 10th. Notably bigger than his sister, he was an 8 pound, 21.1 inch tall baby who arrived only one day after his due date and has charmed everyone with his intense eyebrows and smile. (You can read more about Caleb’s arrival here).

Theodosia turned 3 at the end of the year and is an attentive big sister and delightful little girl who loves sharks, dinosaurs, lions, snakes, and horses. She also often claims that she “needs” to watch Paw Patrol and Peppa Pig. But Thea enjoys good books too.

Amanda finished her 2-year teaching commitment for her Madison Fellowship at Gateway Academy and has since been working from home on projects for the film production company and a new gig writing biographies for a children’s book publisher.

Joshua finished law school in December and will take the Florida bar exam in February. After that he has a 10 month deployment for the Alabama National Guard beginning in March.


Our days have been spent remodeling the house, tending to our Thoroughbred horse at the Eglin Air Force Base MWR Stables, enjoying small group fellowship at our church, homeschooling, and video chatting with Daddy. Caleb started walking at 9 months and is running around full-force at 1 year old, teething molars and trying all he can to keep up with his big sister. Theodosia is finally potty trained and loves helping around the house and barn. She also enjoys watching Sonic the Hedgehog, My Little Pony, and Paw Patrol. See daily picture and video updates at or