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A passion for protecting this country runs in my blood. Here is an archive of my articles on this subject (the lives of veterans and their families): Veterans Day and Family Forces – 11 years ago (November 11th, 2011),┬áCommunities at The Washington Times A Christmas

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“…My childhood journal entry from September 11th, 2001 shows what a difference twenty-four hours can make: ‘When I awoke in the morning, it was true. The World Trade Center towers had been attacked by hijacked planes. The Pentagon had been attacked by yet another hijacked

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June 6, 2014


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A picture and letter from my great-grandfather Ross Bryan to great-grandmother Marguerite and their daughter Linda (my grandmother, Dad’s mother), when he was off at war. The letter reads: 27 Oct. 1944 Margie and Linda, I love you both with all my heart and hope

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