My lovely Southern Belle Grandmomma gave me this belt from Anthropologie for my birthday this year. On my birthday I wore it while mix-matching a white blouse, black sweater, and pink skirt with my cowgirl-inspired boots. Grandmomma also gave me the garnet necklace for my previous birthday and the gold bracelet for Christmas. She knows how to look glamorous…

I got my haircut recently (I refer to it as my “economical haircut” because if I get it cut barely shoulder length, I think I’ll only have to get it cut maybe twice a year) and really like the look and feel of styling it in a few soft curls.

What a fun way to ring in my twenty-third year! (All the photography is by Abigail.)

My birthday is January 23rd, the same as John Hancock’s, if you’d like to read about somebody more interesting.

John Hancock

Alright, I’m off to get tons of studying done and prepare for my next writing ventures. Godspeed!

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