Spring is probably the busiest time of year for us.  There is always so much outside work to do.  It’s already been nearly three years since we moved here and thus there is all the more going on.

Dad, Rachel and I went to a homeschooled friend’s graduating class dinner on Wednesday.  Andrew has been in town so he spent one night with us (the rest of his family is visiting tomorrow morning).  He did lots of fun film projects with Joseph (Abigail did the actual filming).  I remember doing recording projects with my siblings and Andrew, David and Angela about 8 years ago!  Brings back memories…

We enjoyed the Ultimate Homeschool Expo 2008!  The online conference is such a great idea.

I’m scheduled to take the ACT Writing Test along with the required portions of the test next month.  I need to practice planning and writing an essay within a 30 min. time limit (and in perfectly legible handwriting)!  On the Writing Test you can score from 1 (poor skill) to 6 (effective skill).  I’m going to take three practice tests this month anyway, so hopefully that will help me get prepared.

I submitted the screenplay to Abbot Management on Friday. Dad talked to a director/producer (one of the contacts his friend gave us) on the phone awhile back and mentioned The Crusading Chemist. He said he will check out the website.

I’m nearly finished with my huge landscape painting of our pond.  Next I want to try doing a painting based on a photograph of Beth and her friend Jenny.  Recently I’ve kept my easel set up out of the way in the Guest House.  I bring my World Views audios and my portable CD headset player with me each painting session to make the most of my time.

I need to go read while I have the chance – I don’t often get to read for fun during the week because I’m so busy with other things!


Post ScriptumI added photos/video of the Carcassonne game to my last post.  I meant to do that earlier, but the photos had not yet been downloaded.

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