Nearly to my surprise, the time has finally arrived. I’m now, as I lightheartedly define it, a Magna Cum Laude History Bachelorette of Science.

Diploma 1

 “Troy University – This certifies that The Board of Trustees of Troy University upon Recommendation of the Faculty Has Conferred on Amanda Christine Read the degree of Bachelor of Science – History – Magna Cum Laude – with all Rights, Privileges and Honors thereunto appertaining. In Witness Whereof the seal of the University and the signatures of its duly authorized officers are hereto affixed. Granted this month of May, in the year of our Lord two thousand thirteen. – Robert Bentley, Governor of Alabama and President of the Board – Jack Hawkins, Jr., PhD., Chancellor of Troy University.” (Photography by Abigail Read)

Diploma 2

Diploma 3

What are my plans now, you ask? Well, essentially, I want to do what I’ve been doing – only do it with more devotion and excellence. Column writing and screenwriting will take up most of my time, to be joyfully accompanied by art and farming. Our ex-Hollywood friends are building a house on our street, and Matthew Perdie is moving to Alabama, so this filmmaking business is about to get intense.

Meanwhile, it’s coming up on the third year anniversary of my column at the Communities at The Washington Times, “Not Your Average Read,” which is now housed in the Global section to allow for topical expansion…

Not Your Average Read

…ModCloth’s vintage dresses are a dream…

Mary (birthday girl), Amanda (recent graduate) , and Grandmomma go out.

Mary (birthday girl), Amanda (recent graduate) , and Grandmomma go out.

…Rachel, Dad, and I enjoyed Gary Sinise’s spectacular Lt. Dan Band benefit concert for Sgt. Ben Tomlinson…

Amanda & Rachel at Lt. Dan Band 2

Amanda & Rachel at Lt. Dan Band

…The fascinating life of Sir Isaac Newton provided a resounding finish to my senior seminar in history. Dean Karayanis made this meme in honor of my historical crush…

Hey Girl It's Isaac Newton

 …My oral presentation was delightfully interrupted by three-year-old Rebecca about four minutes in (the video quality is terrible because of the college software we were required to use)…

…Oh, and on June 18th, I’ll go to Michigan for a week to attend Acton University and visit with friends. It shall be splendid!

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