Another Milestone Reached on My Path

Another Milestone Reached on My Path

As of this past December, I now hold a Master of Arts in History. That means I am qualified to teach history at the college level, but not the high school level in the State of Alabama at this time (it’s alright, laughing is a natural reaction). Thus, I am still working towards being able to fulfill my Madison Fellowship’s high school teaching commitment, working as a tutor along the way. I am also writing and researching as usual, along with planning and preparing for my marriage to Joshua. It is really an awe-inspiring and busy season of life.


Here I am with my true love.

Here I am with my parents who dared to educate me independently from birth!

Surrounded by my adorable siblings, except for Rachel who now lives in Huntsville with her husband, Adam.


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  • Randall Schmidt

    You should allow your website to be adaptive, meaning it changes shapes and sizes depending on what device it's being viewed.

    • Amanda Read Sheik

      I'm trying to figure out how to do that! It hasn't done well on mobile devices thus far.

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