…I’ll try my best to plan.

I’m a stickler for ideals, but I know that I can only accomplish so much at a given time.  A few months ago I mentioned studying for CLEP tests.  I never ended up taking any CLEP tests and it turns out they won’t really benefit me now.  I think I made a mistake in the CLEP decision – I was trying to use CLEP to get out of studying a subject I wasn’t particularly good at: math.  I put all my energies into attempting to pass the mathematics exam just so I wouldn’t have to study that subject in college.

It would have made far better sense to focus on the subjects that are my strengths and get worthy credit for them instead.  I would have had at least 4 exams down, and then I wouldn’t have to worry about the math.  They say if you tend to struggle in a subject you should just go ahead and take the college course in it anyway instead of trying to get credit for something you aren’t even that good at.  When I look back on that, it is so blatantly obvious!  What was I thinking?  I just blew away the time hoping that I would get out of having to study my least favorite subject.  You can only take two tests per test date and only nine students can get in at one time – and the last date is December 17th – and I’ve already registered for college courses, so CLEPing out of them would be pointless because I’m scheduled to take them anyway.  Besides, JSU told me they have some rule about earning “quality points” after you take credit by examination exams in order to receive full credit…so, whatever.  Just a word of warning to all of you (and my siblings) – don’t make the mistake I made!  Work to earn credit for something you excel at first and work on perfecting your weaknesses later when it comes to credit by examination tests.

As for college, all of my Spring 2009 Semester classes will be online.  My current plan is to major in History and minor in Political Science.  My courses will be American History, English, Geography and American Government (LORD willing and I can get into that class – I’m still waiting).  Introduction to Theatre Arts is another possible class I might enroll in.

Meanwhile, I plan to spend the month of December completing my screenplay revision and updating our Fair Hills Farm website to sell our e-books, seminar talks, etc. (check out the Girlhood Home Companion website as well – mp3 downloads and CDs are coming soon!).


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