For years I’ve stuck with the tagline, “You may simply call me an aspiring writer…”, but I know there must come a time when I am no longer an aspiring writer, but a working writer.  I’ve authored a screenplay (which I hope to revise again), an e-book (which, along with other e-book drafts, I hope to publish in print), write for an in-print magazine, write for a webzine, and contribute freelance articles hither and yon.  I still aspire to improve my writing, of course, but I suppose I shouldn’t refer to myself as an aspiring writer anymore.  I’m just a writer now.

As I’ve been going back over my ancient blog posts, correcting the links and re-uploading the pictures (things disheveled in the hosting transfer – by the way, feel free to let me know if you come across any that I’ve missed), I have also taken a little time to ponder my literary missions.  What sort of writings do I want to share?  What sort of blog is Sincerely Amanda meant to be?  I’ve decided that it’s not going to be your average read (something my clever sister Rachel recognized would be a good title to go along with my last name).  It will not be a place to find frivolities and dote upon myself, nor will it be something that becomes my life.  Nor will it be a swamp of elite intellectualism.  My passion is sharing with others the Biblical Worldview and the truth it explains through things that I write (or maybe film…), and this weblog is just one little outlet for it.  Awhile back I invented plans to write a series on Dramatizing History, since that is something I have accomplished through The Crusading Chemist.  I still want to write on that subject when I can, as it goes along with History, my academic specialization.  But my literary work will probably be more focused on my recent projects, Luke Historians and Not Just An Opinion.

Website designing and management does take up a great deal of time, so I’m going to take a break from some of that and get back to focusing on writing and researching.  Some of my blog posts have disappeared in the transfer, and I’ll see if I can restore them in my spare time.  Once again, please let me know if you come across an old blog post of mine that has broken links or messed up/missing pictures so that I can correct them.  Have no fear, none of your old comments are missing – for some funny reason it says after some of the blog posts, “No Comments”, but if you click the posts you will see that they actually are there.


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