Congrats To Your Graduation, Eyebright!

Congrats To Your Graduation, Eyebright!

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This is a blog post to honor one of our HomeschoolBlogger Class of 2008 Graduates: Eyebright of Defective Compositions.

Eyebright 2008 Graduation Card

{The card has a picture of a rose from our garden – photo taken by Abigail}

I like Micah 6:8 because it is a reminder to me that as homeschool graduates we are at this busy time in our lives when so many people are watching us with high expectations – and perhaps we have some high expectations for ourselves – but ultimately, all that really matters eternally is having a willing heart to serve the LORD.

I appreciate Eyebright’s unique and entertaining blog (“Defective Compositions” is a clever title!) and am glad to be one of her (many) blogging acquaintances.

Congratulations, Eyebright!

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Posted by Eyebright Thank you Amanda! That is a good verse, and it is a good reminder that we are not to please ourselves or this world, but the Lord.

Have a very bright, very cheerful day!

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