Yesterday, S.E. Cupp published a humorous list of this election season’s bright spots, blunders and oddities. As the hours count down to the moment that everything is said and done at the polls, I think I might be able to expand her list slightly.

Alabama is playing a relatively quiet role in this round of elections. But the other night, a negative political ad in my own state finally caught my eye as it flashed across the television screen. In fact, it made me laugh out loud:

A Supreme Court Justice who…might end a woman’s right to vote. What else do you need to know about Tom Parker?

Whoa, flashback to the race in Florida between Alan Grayson and Daniel Webster. Grayson released a bizarre attack ad calling Webster “Taliban Dan,” including strategically edited footage of Webster saying the words “submit to me” in a church service. Apparently when the going gets tough in a campaign, blowing the damsel in distress caller is presumed to be an effective lure for voters (it’s easier to blow than a turkey caller, too)…

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