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The real issue of this election is Justice: the issue of the Supreme Court.  The following sheds brilliant light on the subject and gives you a real understanding of government.  Opinions must fall aside and cause and effect choices be looked at for what they really are.  Our choice is narrowed down to two: life vs. death, and thus I will repeat what I have said before:

McCain/Palin isn’t the worst tasting gnat, but Obama/Biden is quite a large camel to swallow.

Important news from Dutch Sheets:

supreme_court_building“With the upcoming elections 8 days away, satan has worked hard to deflect attention off of the real issue.  This has been relatively easy through the economic meltdown and an unpopular war.  Many Americans, including Christians, will vote based on these two issues.  While these things are obviously important, they pale in light of the real issue-the Supreme Court.

The cover story of USA Today, on Thursday of last week, spelled this out quite clearly. It stated that the real legacy of the next president won’t be the economy or the war, but the Supreme Court.  The next president of the United States will appoint at least 2, and maybe 3, Justices in his first term.  If he serves 2 terms, it could be 5 Justices-there are 5 of the 9 on the Court 70 years old or older!  Since the trend is to appoint younger and younger Justices, the next president will most likely shape the court for the next 30-40 years! This means we are not voting only for a president, we are voting for the Court we want for the next generation! The vote we cast on November 4th will do more to shape the culture we give our children and grandchildren than any other vote of our lifetime! Perhaps some succinct bullet points will help us see this clearly:

  • Without question, no institution, organization, or agency has shaped the current culture of America in the last 50 years more than the Supreme Court.  You don’t need millions of people, the majority in Congress, or the President to shape the culture of America.  You only need 5 people-the majority of the Supreme Court.  Five people can kill 50 million babies (the number aborted since Roe vs. Wade), legalize homosexual marriage, remove parental rights, put God out of schools and government, rob from us our godly heritage, etc.
  • It is now split-sometimes 5-4 toward life, family, morality, our godly heritage, the intent of our forefathers Supreme Court Justiceswhen they wrote the Constitution; sometimes 5-4 toward death, immorality, legislating their beliefs from the bench (though not their constitutional role or right, this is easy-they simply say the Constitution is a fluid, living document and therefore must be changed to accommodate the times), removing God from our nation, etc.

  • 2-3 Justices will retire over the next 4 years, their replacements chosen by the next president; possibly a couple more will step down 5 to 8 years from now, making it 5 potential Justices that could be appointed by the next president if he serves 2 terms. This will determine how the Court rules for a generation.

  • The first two Justices to go will almost certainly be Stevens who is 88 years old and Ginsberg who is 75 and ill.  They are the two most liberal and are no doubt waiting to retire, hoping for a president that will replace them with 2 more liberals.  These two replacements alone, if they are good, conservative judges could shift the Court toward righteousness for many years.

  • Conclusion: our vote this November 4th will be not for a president, not for the economy, not for ending our involvement in Iraq.  Our vote will be for what we want America to look like 40 years from now!

The ramifications of this are staggering!  We are no doubt reaping great judgment now in America-diseases, family breakdowns, violence, a death culture, destructive weather, and much more-because of abortion alone – not to mention expelling God and His laws from our schools and government.  I don’t know that we can survive another 40 years of this without completely losing our godly heritage and destiny.  The economy will recover and the war will end no matter who is elected president-but this is not the case with the Court and the soul of this nation.”

If you don’t know where the candidates stand on the Court and the kind of Justices they would appoint, read the USA Today article.  It makes their positions very clear.  Share this information with every friend and acquaintance you have.  And finally, pray like never before for God’s will to be done in this election. We CAN win this war and we MUST NOT lose this war.  Pick up your word, go to war and let’s make history together. Here are some practical suggestions to consider:

  1. Fast (a meal a day; a day this week; a Daniel fast; 3 days; TV; etc.) and spend the time praying.
  2. Agree in prayer with someone everyday for God’s will to be done.
  3. Hold nightly prayer meetings
  4. Take time in every gathering to pray. (Take 15 minutes in every service to pray for the elections. Turn an entire   service to harp and bowl style intercession-worship and prayer combined.)
  5. Join 2 or more friends on a conference call and pray for 15, 20, or 30 minutes.
  6. Pray on the way to work (and on the way home).
  7. Pray before you go to sleep.
  8. Pray before church services.
  9. Ask God to give you His strategy-He will!

For God and Our Great Nation,
Dutch Sheets

If you would like to hear Dr. Sheets’ 700 Club interview in its entirety on 10-23-08 where he challenges us to pray for the Supreme Court, go to the link below.

Lynn Vincent of WORLD MAGAZINE wrote:

“It is no exaggeration to say that on judicial philosophy, Obama and his Republican presidential rival, John McCain, are like the North and South Poles – as far apart as you can get.


“What matters on the Supreme Court is those 5 percent of cases that are truly difficult.  In those cases, adherence to precedent and rules of construction will only get you through the 25th mile of the marathon.  That last mile can only be determined on the basis of one’s deepest values, one’s core concerns, one’s broader perspectives on how the world works, and the depth and breadth of one’s empathy.”


“[The] role of judges is not to impose their own view as to the best policy choices for society but to faithfully and accurately determine the policy choices already made by the people and embodied in the law.”

“The Democratic candidate’s view of justice “completely displaces the dispassionate model, in which judges take an oath not to have any partiality, no matter the status of the litigant,” said Wendy Long, legal counsel to the conservative Judicial Confirmation Network. “Obama is saying Lady Justice should rip off her blindfold and show ’empathy’ for certain kinds of litigants before the court.  That’s the opposite of the American ideal of impartial justice.”



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