Today we shall begin the task of sorting through boxes upon boxes in the garage for our upcoming garage sale. We must have a garage sale. We must rid ourselves of the unnecessary and make way (and perhaps a little money) for the coming events.

I feel a little pressured by my script writing project. This is what we have discovered regarding entering the sacred Reading Rooms of the Library Of Congress:

“A high school student will be allowed to use the Library if he or she meets all three of the following conditions:

The student has exhausted all local library resources (school, public, and university) and has identified specific materials available only at the Library of Congress. (This will usually require consultation with a local librarian and an Internet search of the Library’s Online Catalog or a search of other bibliographic resources).
The student has a letter from his or her principal describing in detail the student’s project and the specific materials the student needs to use.
The student is interviewed by a reference librarian in the appropriate reading room, who makes the final determination as to whether or not the student’s project requires use of the Library’s collections.”

Mom thinks that I will be able to get in. For some reason this makes me think that I ought to rewrite nearly everything in the script and polish it to the utmost of ideals. No one shall lay eyes on it until it is perfect! Flawless! Remarkable! Incomparable! Well, that isn’t going to happen, but with the LORD’s help I hope it will be reasonably successful.

The following quiz is not a requirement to enter the Library Of Congress, but I will fill it out anyway (I also made some grammatical corrections).

Q.1 What color is your hair?
Distinctly brunette.

Q.2 What is the last movie you have watched in theaters?
The Chronicles Of Narnia: The Lion, The Witch And The Wardrobe.

Q.3 What type(s) of music are you into?
Classical…and any sensible harmonious sounds that are apprehendable to the average human ear and are thus worthy of being titled as “music”.

Q.4 Name 5 of your favorite bands.
Frankly, I have never thought about bands.

Q.5 What is the last book you’ve read?
The History Of A Crime Against The Pure Food Law…

Q.6 What is your favorite book?
You may just as well ask me what my favorite word is.

Q.7 What is your dream car?

I do not dream of cars. ;D

Q.8 What is the last thing you have eaten?

Cream Of Wheat…homemade, not pre-made or store bought.



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