Patty HunterYou might remember that I interviewed the lovely pro-life Indiana television host Patty Hunter last year. This weekend she is doing a walk-a-thon to raise money for a crisis pregnancy center that offers free and confidential services for the health of women and babies:

My name is Patty Hunter, a member of Lutherans For Life here in Fort Wayne, Indiana… I am raising monies for the A Hope Center Strides for Hope Walkathon… A Hope Center is a Crisis Pregnancy Center located here in Fort Wayne, Indiana… we are walking for the unborn and newborns.. saving lives, giving a safe haven to the moms and dads, and of course, for the unborn and newborns… A Hope Center, gives support to the parents, encourages them to keep their babies… they also, have ultrasound equipment to show how far the unborn babies are coming along… showing the fetus is a human baby … they also share the truth about abortion and how evil it is .. .. after the birth, the A Hope Center, gives help for more than 2 years, supporting the family, by giving supplies for the babe. such as diapers, and clothing, cribs, etc. For the parents there is counselling and classes to help educate moms and dads on how to take care of their babies. … if, you can help sponsor me, my goal is raising $600… I plan on walking 1.8 mile at Shoaff Park, in Fort Wayne… if, you can sponsor me, please, say $5 or more, if you wish to give to A Hope Center, the Center will be sending out to your address the info via mail or email… on how to send the monies on to them.

You can make your donation here:

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