7 Questions With Amanda Read, Co-Host of the History Author Show…

It was my pleasure to speak with the history enthusiast website Histocrats about how history has been a lifelong inspiration for me that has turned into a profession. You might be interested in reading their interview with my friend Dean Karayanis as well, creator and host of the History Author Show!

1. How and/or when did you get you hooked on history?

I think I loved history from the moment I could pay attention to stories. I grew up as an Army child, home educated and living abroad, who was curious about the behind-the-scenes of just about everything. Sometimes I felt like all the interesting things happened before I was born, and that I just missed out on the world’s highlights. My imaginary games with my siblings often involved historical themes…

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Much thanks to Jeff Burns of Ola High School for taking the time to reach out to me for this interview!

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