The summer seemed to be a promising time for blogging. But I delayed and delayed again because I had planned my next write-up to be introducing a delightful homestead in the Florida countryside. I had the header photo of the new home’s exterior prepared. I picked up new interior paint from Lowe’s, I bookmarked various farm and garden structural plans. I was a few steps away from being on a waiting list for goslings and ducklings and puppies and horses. I updated our mailing address.

Then a screwy technicality postponed indefinitely our closing on the property, and it was all for naught. Somehow I wasn’t nearly as devastated as one might anticipate, considering my passion for the countryside. Mostly, I was bummed about the amount of time and creative energy I invested in a homestead we aren’t getting in the near future when I could have been making progress on the townhome we’re buying instead.

When my sister teased about my interest in aquaponics, I said if I’d known we would be living in the condo indefinitely I would have turned this place into the Hanging Gardens by now. Well, I am learning more and more about container gardening, and my substitute farm animals are an Oranda Goldfish and a Blue Mystery Snail. The thrift store a short walk down the road is a regular source of treasures for furnishing the house. Overall, life is very pleasant, albeit different than anticipated.



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