When will you get married? Somebody needs to answer the question for the romantically absorbed singles!

“I’m going to be betrothed,” I said in one way or another, with complete confidence overshadowing my ten year old social consciousness. Rachel, who was three years my junior, looked at me in utter horror. My peers laughed in disbelief. We had just been on the repetitive subject of boyfriends, and they once again pleaded for me to open up about my immature love life (“You’ve got to have a boyfriend, Amanda! How could you not?”). Most every girl I knew had a boyfriend, and some even had ex-boyfriends. In fact, the most popular girls seemed to have the most ex-boyfriends. I was tired of denying any romantic relationships, so my ears were pried when I one evening overheard my parents casually talking to some other adults about the notion of betrothal. I misunderstood all of it, of course. My imagination flew away with me as I excitedly imagined that my parents had already selected my future husband and I thus wouldn’t have to go through the arduous boyfriend stage…

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