Amanda, actress in her younger siblings' film production Things are very suspicious over here, I know.  I’ve had over a month long sabbatical from blogging.  That’s not how I intended it to be.  But blogging slipped my mind as of late since I’ve been…

– Getting ready for Summer classes (and now taking them).

– Visiting with our friends, the Abbotts, who were stranded here due to the flooding in Nashville, Tennessee (which is near where they live).

– Campaigning for Tim James to be Alabama’s next Governor.

– Contributing an article to an e-book, and working on at least three more articles for another e-book.

– Working on a book of my own (announced in my ad in Amy Puetz‘s e-book).

– Acting in some of my little sisters’ movies.

– Helping take care of my beautiful baby sister, Rebecca!

Amanda & Rebecca

Beautiful Becca Baby

Angela Abbott & Abigail ReadMy friend Angela Abbott from TN, and my sister Abigail by our pond


Sisters Abigail and Mary, and friend Angela

Part of why I’ve been hesitant to blog is because there are other subjects I’ve wanted to write about that have nothing to do with the recent discussions (perhaps some political things, for instance).  Even though this is my blog and I’m entitled to write whatever I want, I was worried that if I posted an argument off topic it would look like I’m trying to avoid the previous arguments.  That’s not the case – it’s just that I couldn’t decide exactly what to write next.  It’s not that I can’t think of anything to say – it’s that I’ve thought of too much to say, and I like to have my arguments posted on my blog in orderly succession.  I guess I should give up on that and just write whenever I think of something.  If you survey the history of my blog, you will notice that I am not actually a voracious blogger, and I’m a particularly bad commenter.  I’m too slow.  I like to research and then write several drafts before I publish something.  I want perfection.  I have 29 drafts on this blog about every crazy subject that’s ever interested me.

I’ve got to go do some fieldwork for my Geography class right now.  But trust me, I’ll be back.  Don’t be afraid of criticizing.  Nobody can criticize me as badly as myself.


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