Thomas Jefferson drew the line of injury at breaking his leg or picking his pocket, but today this is offensive:

“I ask you to consider both sides, read the bill, talk to your friends, talk to your family, do some research and come up with your own decision concerning your vote…Let’s start having conversations now about important issues rather than turning to insulting tactics.”

Those were the words of Lindsey Kolb, State Chairman of the Missouri College Republicans and senior student at Missouri State University, in response to MSU University Ambassador Caleb Hearon’s satire of Christians supporting a referendum on Springfield, MO’s now repealed General Ordinance No. 6141.

Satire is a weapon in the writer’s arsenal that requires a high degree of accuracy to be effective. If Hearon’s piece were satirizing Al Gore’s old buddies of the Westboro Baptist cult, it might have been more coherent. But Hearon is the student who argues that we should stop treating heterosexuality as normal and who implies that Christians hate homosexuals. Ms. Kolb graciously offered a chance for his ilk to be taken seriously and civilly.

It’s the sort of kindness that heaps burning coals on opponents’ heads (Romans 12:20).

As soon as the ordinance was repealed by popular vote, Connor P. Hayes, a rhetoric student at MSU, organized an unsuccessful petition to eliminate Kolb (who doesn’t even vote in the Springfield district) from a banner at the university’s Carrington Hall…

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