OHATCHEE, Al. May 30, 2011 — I first heard about Jedediah Bila when a guy I’m acquainted with “Liked” her on Facebook – for good reason, too. Besides being gorgeous, the conservative writer and former teacher from an Italian family in Brooklyn is gaining a reputation as an effective political commentator.

Very well-spoken, she articulates ideas without missing a beat, which should catch the interest of aspiring pundits across all spectrums. Mark Levin described her as “a rising, fresh star” on his radio program.

Somewhat parallel to Sarah Palin, Bila is a female conservative who seemed to “pop up out of nowhere” and appear on the national news scene quickly. She is a regular commentator on various shows at Fox News and Fox Business, and is sometimes a guest at MSNBC and talk radio. Bila recently released her first book, Outnumbered: Chronicles of a Manhattan Conservative.

Who is that girl with the one-of-a-kind name, and why is she so successful? Bila told me a little about herself via e-mail…

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