27 Oct. 1944

Margie and Linda,

I love you both with all my heart and I hope this

Baby I’ve got in my arms helps me to make sure “I’ll

Be seeing you.”


That was a letter from my great-grandfather Ross Bryan to my great-grandmother Marguerite and their daughter Linda (my grandmother, Dad’s mother) when he was off at war. He did come home and as an elderly man saw me as an infant, his first great-grandchild. “That baby’s related to me,” he said.

On Mom’s side of the family a name that comes to mind is Keith Argraves, a medic, paratrooper, POW, and man of Faith in World War II. He was the cousin of mom’s grandmother.

Today also happens to be my little sister Mary Marguerite’s 13th birthday. I’ve got to finish preparing food for the family cookout, so I’ll sign off now.

Thank GOD for the soldiers willing to risk their lives for our protection. We will probably never realize on this side of eternity how much our lives have depended upon them.


~ Amanda


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