Mother Daughter Cherished Lessons Seminar

Mother Daughter Cherished Lessons Seminar

Fall Girlhood Cover 2008

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We are so excited about the content of this issue that we have planned something very special for you. Join us next week for a FREE Girlhood Home Companion Seminar on Girlhood’s Most Cherished Lessons.

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Wednesday 11/12/08
9:00 – Cultivating a Teachable Spirit (especially for daughters) – Jill Novak

11:00 – Nurturing the Generations (Good Old-Fashioned Cooking, Everyday and the Holidays, Too!) – Christine and Amanda Read
1:00 – Notebooking Mamaw Style – Cindy Rushston {Note: Cindy Rushton wasn’t able to make it, so Shelley Noonan spoke on Beyond Beautiful Girlhood instead}

3:00 – Building a Gingerbread Cottage of Faith – Heather Wombacher

Thursday 11/14/08
9:00 – Make Your Own Family Recipe Notebook -Jill Novak

11:00 – Remembering Grandma Abbott – Nancy Baetz

1:00 – Have Yourself a Merry Homemade Christmas with The Brookshires – Robin, Breezy and Emily Rose Brookshire

3:00 – Simple Ways to Capture Family Memories this Christmas  – Jill Novak

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  • nancy baetz

    Hi Amanda, Wonderful sessions today! I had four ladies from my hs group email wanting more chicken info! I gave them our local city code info, but I remembered your book. Is your book available to purchase right now? I would love to give them the link! Let me know dear one, Blessings, Mrs. Baetz

  • Lorna

    I would love to know more about your ideas for Christmas. Your lessons sound charming.

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