Sincerely Amanda, New Hair Do

Hey, my irises aren't dark like that in reality! No, I don't have eye makeup on either.

I’ve recently worked on a few life make-overs.  My hairstyle, for one (with the help of my wonderful Grandmomma) and my websites, for another.  In order to streamline my literary work, I have branched off Luke Historians and Not Just An Opinion from Sincerely Amanda (see the added pages in the navigation bar).  The Luke Historians Syndicate on my sidebar publishes the most recent LH post.

I plan to blog more this upcoming college semester than I did the last one.  Hopefully I will be able to post at least once a week.  I have also begun to advertise materials that I have valued gleaning from through the years.  “Sincerely Amanda’s Select List” is a collection of intellectual resources that I highly recommend (I have much more to add to it!).  “What Amanda grew up with” is a sample of books, movies and audios that influenced my childhood years.  “Current Recommendation” is a product that is in the spotlight because I mentioned it in a recent article.

In my academic career, I have just completed my Freshman year of college.  I had, thankfully, a successful experience, with a 4.0 average my first semester and only one measly B in my second semester (due to stinkin’ Algebra…and to think that I was so close to getting an A average in it too!).  If I had one more week of study before exams, I’m certain I would not have dropped from the President’s List to the Dean’s List.  I’m extremely upset about getting one B and don’t ever want to do it again.  I’ll be back…

My entire Freshman year was completed online (with some exams taken on campus).  The first semester of my Sophomore year will be online as well.  I’m currently majoring in History and minoring in Political Science because of my interest in historical and government related journalism.  My government professor said he was impressed with my work (note: Go World Views of the Western World!  It prepared me tremendously well!) and invited me to a higher level experimental Political Science class.  It was supposed to be for Juniors and Seniors; he didn’t know I was a Freshman but said he would let me in anyway.  Unfortunately, the class isn’t online so I will probably have to pass on that offer for now.  But I do plan to take a Law course.

Please read my new articles, The Atheist Christmas Tree Farmer (a true short story) and The Star of Bethlehem.  They didn’t get as much feature time as I would have liked due to scheduling errors (the first article was actually supposed to be published by the Cross-Eyed Blog and Webzine).

Ah, well.  I’m in my 20th year now – twenty years older than my youngest sibling, Rebecca!  Besides school, household work, literary work and artwork, I’m working for Dad’s new business.



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