I’ve been a nostalgic person since childhood, and generally credited that to growing up as a military child. Rather than forming attachments to people and places that I knew would be left behind whenever we moved, I became attached to the memories – writing them, drawing them, pondering them.

Already I’ve begun doing this in my new married family life. For me it’s been hard letting go of our south Alabama home to settle in Florida. I had so many plans to improve that house and yard, and I loved having room to breathe in the countryside! But at least I treasure the life changes that happened in that place, and there are already more happening where we’ve moved – like Theodosia’s first steps.

When missing our old home I try to keep a running tally of what I’m thankful for in our new home (besides the fantastic teaching job).

– 2.5 bathrooms (that extra half bath makes it so much more comfortable when hosting folks)

– A window in the master bathroom (I love natural light)

– A window at the kitchen sink

– Pretty potting containers outside (I’m already harvesting a lettuce crop!)

– Screen doors (why don’t all houses have screen doors?)

– A few Spanish colonial architectural elements, which are pretty

– Ocean view on the drive home from work

– Lots of sidewalks and routes for walking and biking

– Stores within reasonable walking distance

On January 23rd, I officially entered my third decade of life. So often I feel like time is running away from me and if I don’t some how out run it I’m failing. But I take comfort that the Creator of time is patient and in no hurry about His promises.



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