Christine O’Donnell began dominating headlines after she surprisingly cinched the Republican nomination in the Delaware senate race. Citizens nationwide are asking, “Who is Christine O’Donnell?”  If you want to see a track record of the lady who is the second youngest of six children and a public policy workaholic, look no further.

But thanks to Bill Maher, we should be aware that the aforementioned question is really mainstream media lingo for “Who was Christine O’Donnell?”

Maher drew attention to a 1999 segment from his old show Politically Incorrect in which O’Donnell explained her disapproval of Halloween. O’Donnell admitted that she “dabbled in witchcraft” and inadvertently went on a date with a guy at a satanic alter while in high school. From that experience, O’Donnell realized that witchcraft is a real and wicked thing, which is why she felt uncomfortable with Halloween.

So, her big skeleton in the closet is essentially her reason for not having skeletons hanging in her closet for an annual ghoul fest?

It is election season once again, which means harvest time for journalistic dirty work. Digging up facts is a good thing. American citizens should know exactly what kind of candidates they are electing to national office.

But let’s not insult the intelligence of voters…

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