That surprisingly odd question appeared in my mind one day after struggling for an excuse as to why I had not completed a contribution to the Priceless Purity e-zine.  Througout the days, weeks, months and believe it or not, years I will spend an enormous amount of time imagining things to write.  Usually it's while I'm accomplishing some other necessary task at the same time.  That's one of the things I love about writing.  You can essentially "write" anytime, anywhere, in your head.  But getting the discipline to harness your thoughts on paper or computer screen can be challenging.

If I'm busy with reading or researching one particular week, I'll consider using the upcoming weekend as a time to write whatever I really want to write.  Some times I stick to that goal.  Often times I don't.  Writing, even fun writing, can be a lot of work.

With this screenplay I've been working on, I ended up having to write a lot of scenes out of order.  That isn't a bad thing, necessarily.  My piano teacher at Judson College taught that me that I could work on a long piano piece measure by measure out of order.  Margaret Mitchell wrote her famous novel, Gone With The Wind in chapters out of order.  C. S. Lewis wrote The Chronicles Of Narnia series out of sequence.  Alex Kendrick prefers to write his scripts last scene first, as he supposedly did with Facing The Giants.  But you still must abide by order in some way.  You have to work especially hard in your editing.

But what does that have to do with whether or not you are really a writer?  I suppose I have always had this idealistic goal in my mind regarding writing.  I repeatedly fall back into thinking that if I am indeed a real writer, I should be able to - no matter what issue might be at stake - immediately state my point eloquently and articulately when I want to.  Perhaps it is just like working with my paintings.  It takes lots of focus, lots of practice and unfortunately, I tend to be extremely slow and methodical in the process.

There have been a lot of blog awards passing by lately.  I've received a total of five so far.  They have placed upon me the pleasant duty of awarding others. Note: If any of you have already received the award I'm giving you, don't worry about giving it out again.  Just count it as an extra vote for your blog. :-)


 {Bestowed upon me by Jocelyn Dixon}

I subsequently award to:

OldFashionGirl's 2nd blog - OldFashionPonderings She reflects on old fasioned things for us to enjoy!

Rose I love the way she writes!  Her writings always touch a familiar topic in an interesting way.

IloveyouGod - Brooke When I visited her blog I knew the writer was a winner before I knew who she was.

lotrsavvy - Jennifer The word "Reflection" is in her blog's very title!  One of my favorite places to visit.

LadyJaneGrey  I always enjoy a visit to Lady Jane's blog. Pleasant and fun and contemplative all at once!



Rockin' Girl Blogger Award

 {From TheLordsDaughter, BelovedPeace and ChristineDaae}

christianmusician1 - Arya I wanted to give her all three awards, but she's already filled up with awards! Wow! One great blogger.

Sparkles - Jenna She must be the very definition of Rockin' Girl Blogger!  Keep up the blog, it's wonderful.

Clarissa - She always has something interesting to share and discuss!

DancingFeet - Briana One of my first HSB friends, and her blog is still has one of my favorite blogs to visit.

walkbyfaith - Alicia A wonderful conversational blogger.

Nice Matters Award

{Charmingly presented to me by Cornflower and Bluejane}

I subsequently present to:

SouthernBelle - Doesn't everyone like Southern Belle? She has a pretty and inviting blog.

rjdjohn316 - Every blogger needs to visit Rachel Dixon's Milk and Honey Tea House for a taste of hospitality and food for thought!

QueenBee - Abigail Read is a determined blogger that sticks to her subject...she also happens to be my little sister.

PonyPassion - Mary Read keeps her blog written nicely and loves horses and art...she also happens to be my little sister.

BrielleCostumes - Nice is an understatement...Brielle is absolutely amazing in her skill!

Now for a few updates...

I decided not to enter the Three-Page Treatment Competition at the SAICFF last month (the deadline was Sept. 1st).  The festival is best geared towards those that intend to produce and distribute their movies independently, which I know I could not do personally with this script.  I do hope and pray that if I ever get any screenplays produced they will be directed by godly directors, well as reach a wide audience.  I can't wait to see more independent Christian filmmakers distributing widely.

Thanks to the LORD and my parents, I now have a laptop.  It's an Acer Aspire 5630-6288 that works wonderfully.  Dad, Abigail, Beth and I spent all day Monday first at Wal-Mart then Circuit City trying to find the right kind.  Everything new has Windows Vista now (urgh...), but oh well.  Marketing schemes, man.  But it's good enough for me at the moment.  It even has a DVD/CD producer program (hmm...filmmaking...), along with an extremely addictive Orbicam.


(Yes, we actually have teeth...we're just in the habit of closed-mouth smiles)

Take care and MAY GOD BLESS,

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Wednesday, September 26, 2007 – Untitled Comment

Posted by IloveyouGod
Oh my: how sweet of you to award me!! I feel so honored. Thank you so much for the award and the kind words you said about me! It is very appreciated.

Have a great week,
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Wednesday, September 26, 2007 – Thank you….

Posted by BrielleCostumes
Hello Amanda,
Your blog looks so nice….. The pictures of you all were cute…:)

Thank you for the award…that was so sweet of you.

I hope you have a wonderful day!
Thanks again….

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Thursday, September 27, 2007 – Untitled Comment

Posted by walkbyfaith
Thanks so much for the award. 😀

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Thursday, September 27, 2007 – thanks!!!

Posted by lotrsavvy
Thank you and thank you again! 🙂 I think I need to put a list of the awards I’ve gotten on my template… heehee


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