I went to see Donald Trump because I have watched his television show and I have enjoyed him for years. My attendance didn’t have much to do with politics at this point in time. I was simply curious.

Sydnie Shuford, illustrating how entertainment is a way of reaching the politically apathetic


  1. Sure, you were simply curious.
    Your look of crazed adulation has become the face (pun intended) of the sheeplike stupidity of the average American in 2016.
    Congrats to all the racist, bigoted, gun-toting, misogynist, mouth-breathers. You got your man. Don’t come back and blame us in 4 years (or however long it takes him to get the US mired in a true catastrophe).

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  2. Unfortunately Ms. Shuford your appearance had everything to do with politics and your adoration of Trump. And you pulled your child into it. It was a propaganda win for the most destructive man to ever “serve” as president

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