Well now, we have had somewhat of a musical summer.  One day I managed to film 2-year-old Bethy Linda playing a ditty on the piano by ear. 




I've enjoyed researching a wide variety of musical pieces on www.musicnotes.com.  The free Music Notes Player is especially helpful (and fun!). 

One evening we attended a concert at Ft. McClellan.  We were able to enjoy a taste of Tchaikovsky music played live.  There was even a canon fire at the end of the 1812 Overture.  Of course, you are not allowed to record and redistribute such performances, but the following little clips give you an idea of the entertainment we were enjoying (plenty of chattering as well).

Afterwards we came across a despairing Rhinocerous Beetle flipped over on his back.  When we pardoned him, he posed for a photoshoot.

Mom has some farm photos on her blog and on the Fair Hills Farm homestead blog.

Though not being particularly musical, Benjamin developed a new form of amusement recently.


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 THE LORD be glorified,


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