There are many fine Christians that have taken opposite sides in this Presidential Election.  I have no desire to drive a wedge between myself and them because of politics, seeing that they may very well be right on other issues and valuable allies in the faith.  However, there comes a time in some debates when cause and effect facts come into play and opinions and intentions no longer matter.  I cannot bear the guilt of not issuing some sort of warning that certain applications of other voters’ “rightness” are very far off target when I have evidence to prove it.  To illustrate how serious this Presidential Election is to me, I have decided to put my personal future on the line.

A few years ago Doug Phillips released a popular seminar on “How To Evaluate A Suitor” (I found that interesting when I first heard about it, considering that his eldest daughter and son are both quite a bit younger than me).  Well, I believe I have found an extremely simple pass-or-fail exam for that evaluation.

I would never marry a man who refuses to vote for McCain-Palin in this Presidential Election.

Why?  Because of the following sad deductions:

1.  It reveals a fatal flaw in leadership and common sense judgment.

For all perfections and good intentions he might have, this makes the gentleman untrustworthy.  It is a sign of blind surrender that is hidden under a cosmetic guise of principle.  The devil has you right where he wants you: blind-folded, tied up with silly hang ups and in a tiny out-of-the-way corner in the national scene.

“And do not give the devil an opportunity.” – Ephesians 4:27

2. It reveals that he is more interested in himself, his personal desires, his appearance of “integrity” and theological “reputation” rather than the well being of his family and country.

“He who separates himself seeks his own desire, he quarrels against all sound wisdom. A fool does not delight in understanding, but only in revealing his own mind.” – Proverbs 18:1-2

Third-party voters are suffering from what I refer to as Candidate Loser Over Winner Narcissistic Syndrome (CLOWNS).  The symptoms are an extreme irascible desire to see one’s own beautiful philosophical reflection in a Presidential candidate; which becomes a lust so overwhelming that they would rather vote for a loser over one that could conceivably be an actual winner.  I would like to hope that most voters contemplating joining the CLOWNS vote are just misinformed and will change their minds before fully sinking to that level.

3. It reveals a profound disrespect for the office of President of the United States of America and the lives that were lost throughout the nation’s history to secure your right to vote through the unique Electorate system, as well as an ignorance of government.

“Therefore whoever resists authority has opposed the ordinance of GOD; and they who have opposed will receive condemnation upon themselves.” – Romans 13:2

Because of man’s sinful nature, government is YAHWEH’s idea, not man’s.  We have a responsibility to ensure that we do everything in our power to uphold the unique structure of American government and not let it get taken over by Socialist doctrine.  At this moment the only thing standing between the Obama-Biden Socialist doctrine is McCain-Palin.

The Third-party candidates aren’t even present in the debates this year, so they are essentially jokers in a deck of playing cards.  The idea of an Independent film industry is wonderful, providing you have the money and skills to do it the right way.  But the idea of an Independent political industry is absurd.  Sorry, it just doesn’t work that way. As my father says,

“Political scientists say that for the Presidential system to work out (all things being equal), there must only be a two-party system. This is so in view of the fact that, unlike in Parliamentary where the Parliament is supreme, the President wields tremendous political power. He should be elected by the majority and not mere plurality.
On another point, what the political scientists say is that an ideal situation that is fertile for the presidential system is a two party system in view of the fact that under the presidential set up the locus of political power lies in the office of the president. With a multi party system, he would have “enormous” difficulty passing administration bills because he has no political control of the members of the legislative department (having so many political parties with diverse party agenda).  India is currently considering moving to a 2 party presidential system like the US because of the growing size of the population.”

The John Quincy Adams quote (“Always vote for principle, though you may vote alone, and you may cherish the sweetest reflection that your vote is never lost.” ) only applies to the unique American 2-party Presidential Electorate system and is thus irrelevant to the CLOWNS vote.  You must be hardworking and get to the top through the primaries in one of the two major parties to have any positive government influence.  By the way, you might find it interesting to note that John Quincy Adams actually lost his second Presidential Election to Andrew Jackson.  I wonder why…

Third-parties have always been damaging in the U.S.  They only contribute to the adversary’s divide-and-conquer strategy against righteous leaders.  Evidence of CLOWNS vote damage is apparent in history.  Perhaps Theodore Roosevelt’s greatest political blunder was the Progressive Party, which split the Republican vote and put Democrat Woodrow Wilson in office (who introduced terrible economic baggage that we are still suffering from).  Don’t forget about Ross Perot’s miserable contribution of dividing Republicans and getting Democrat Bill Clinton in office (need I say more?).

Why do I appear anti-Democrat and pro-Republican when some think them indistinguishable?  Though there are a few exceptions in each party, liberals are the majority of the Democratic Party while conservatives are the majority of the Republican Party (speaking of, the Republican Party platform is no different from the Constitution Party platform, with the possible exception of the Constitution Party’s protectionist stance, which I, coming from a military family, understand to be unfounded and dangerous).  On the record, the Democrats have caused the worst problems in American government while the Republicans’ worst flaw is in letting the Democrats get away with it at times. However, allowing a liberal Democrat President to get in office now will not make things better nor “teach anyone a lesson”.


4. It reveals the flimsy character of a sore loser who refuses to continue servanthood because his chosen candidate didn’t win the primary.

Most football coaches are more gracious than that.  Being a gracious loser comes from having the humility to realize that your loss was a fault of your own strategy, not a fault of the system and rule books.  Holding up a whiny attitude is not classy and extremely unbecoming.  The very action conjures up images of a pouty little child stamping off saying, “I don’t like this game anymore.  I’m going to go play by myself…” This is exactly what the CLOWNS vote has done.

Then CLOWNS have the gall to play sour grapes and smear John McCain’s record in ways contrary to fact (even stooping so low as to call him “the lesser of two evils”), as if it is OK to call a professing Christian “evil.”  How judgmental.  How silly.   It is worth pondering, I might add, the amazing grace shown this man, and the depth of character and substance of soul he displayed in enduring being tortured in a prison camp for five years.  People possessing the gall to sling reckless terms like “evil” at John McCain really would be better served by silencing themselves, or perhaps using the term rather to describe liberal political ideals such as abortion and same-sex marriage or maybe terrorist activities.

“A false witness will not go unpunished, and he who tells lies will not escape.” – Proverbs 19:5

“A worthless man digs up evil, while his words are like scorching fire.” – Proverbs 16:27

If I were a recently arriving immigrant to this country, I would conclude from observable evidence that the CLOWNS and the liberals both do not think very highly of their country, or have somewhere been misinformed of how truly good they have it in the U.S.A. As a naturally born American and as a Christian, I actually am nearly convinced that many hate this country because it isn’t the utopia that liberal intellectuals dreamed of after the French Enlightenment.

Surprised at my conclusion?  Well, explain this: CLOWNS talk about how wonderful America once was and how wonderful they hope it will be through their own power, but right now they are willing to condemn the only Constitutionally valid Conservative Party that is holding it together – The Republican Party – because some how that party is beneath them and deserves their rejection.  They even bash George W. Bush like he is a criminal.  I have invested so many prayers in President Bush since I was a 10 year old child that it deeply hurts me to hear people condemn him.  They have lost all ability to respectfully and constructively criticize – so much so that they have organized the CLOWNS vote out of protest.  There is nothing Biblical about that, so it is thus something entirely built up out of extreme confidence in their own human reason, which is a pattern of thinking that came out of the “Enlightenment”.

If I have misspoken here, then somebody prove it.  Prove to me that America is some sort of failing country destined to be a fascist global regime (can anyone spell B-O-G-U-S?).  Prove to me that voting third party is truly a responsible, politically sound avenue to bringing about godliness in this nation.  Prove to me that you honor the ONE TRUE GOD, YAHWEH who commands you to “Do justly, love mercy, and walk humbly with thy God” (Micah 6:8) and HIS decision to place you in this nation at this time in history.  Bring forth your arguments, and let us see who has more facts in their favor.


5. It reveals a shirking of and misunderstanding of Biblical responsibility and authority.

This one especially addresses men that have ridiculed Sarah Palin.  I have heard some say that they think that Christians voting for McCain-Palin will win an election but “lose a culture war” because we would have a woman Vice President.  Lose a CULTURE WAR????  I’ll tell you how to lose a culture war!  Allow the most liberal, socialist, pro-choice, naïve man in the Senate (Barack Hussein Obama II) into the most powerful office in America and you’ve sold your nation’s soul to the devil in one fell swoop, Mister!

The CLOWNS vote may have a familiar knowledge of the way the American government could have functioned ideally 200 years ago, but the time has come to get your heads out of the clouds and see reality. WHETHER OR NOT SARAH PALIN IS VICE PRESIDENT WILL MAKE NO DIFFERENCE REGARDING WOMEN IN LEADERSHIP POSITIONS.  She would still end up returning to her position as Governor of Alaska anyway.  Ultimately, while the rest of us are voting on principle and values, you are voting on sex, and that is completely ridiculous.  This is significant coming from me, since I am a lady against feminism.  However, I think feminism is the liberal-socialist-Marxist misogynist movement that abuses the womanly nature, and Sarah Palin has not appealed to that movement at all.  In fact, feminists hate her! Rather than appeal to that crowd, she is filling a governmental void.  How do you think she got to such a high rank in Alaska in the first place?  There was a void made by principled men avoiding public duty.  I have heard stay-at-home mothers say that they wouldn’t even want their husbands to be VP.  Well, there you have it.  The “good men” sit around coaching from the bleachers, causing more unruly argument than anything else, yet they think a woman stepping up in place of them is such a travesty.  “Good men” better not say anything against a godly woman public servant unless they themselves will serve.

Like it or not, women are not a minority, but rather the majority of the population and thus the majority of the vote – at least 51% of the Electorate in fact – and last year a figure said that 9 (18%) of the 50 State Governors are women and 11 (22%) of the Lt. Governors are women.  Rightfully or wrongfully, you’re stuck with it.  Women’s status in government will not change overnight or be somehow protected in any way if McCain-Palin lose or win.  The role of women in politics can only be influenced generationally, not via contemporary administrating.  Do you think that Sarah Palin is promoting a false “women-can-do-it-all” image?  In your dreams! Whatever happened to THROUGH GOD ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE?  Remember that very few people could hold such a high office as Governor of a State.  A person has to be called to be a leader in that way, and fortunately there are people called by God to serve in such a way.

The Biblical account of Deborah is no excuse for feminism, but rather is an explanation that sometimes when the car swerves off the lane, you shouldn’t be surprised if a woman happens to grab the wheel.  It further indicates that when a woman does grab the wheel, she is not sinning.  A woman in a political leadership position is not a sin.  It is a result of the failure of men leaders. In this case, men can rightly blame themselves.  Things were going very badly in Israel when the glory of saving the nation was put into the hands of women (Deborah and Jael).  Wouldn’t you agree that things are going very badly in the United States of America, largely because liberal politicians wield way too much power, and have for too many decades now, and no godly men have tried or been able to stop them?   May we ask why this is?  The New Testament also chronicles powerful women and their influence:

“And some of them were persuaded and joined Paul and Silas, along with a large number of the GOD-fearing Greeks and a number of the leading women.” – Acts 17:4

“Now [Philip the evangelist] had four virgin daughters who were prophetesses.” – Acts 21:9

We have the opportunity to prepare great men leaders for future generations of political power so that the Conservative women won’t have to step up to bat in their stead, but until then, be gracious.  If you have a bone to pick with women leaders, Nancy Pelosi should be your target.  She’s the grueling leader of the “monstrous regiment” that people keep heralding, not Sarah Palin.

Sarah Palin is not your wife or daughter, and thus you have no authority to judge her personal decisions.  As a voter you may judge her ideology, World View and political decisions, but not personal ones.  Phony personal judgments undeniably entered into this Presidential Election; i.e., the comments regarding her eldest daughter.  On this train of thought, Bristol Palin is neither your daughter nor your betrothed, so you have no authority to judge her life either.  I am not saying that immoral decisions should be accepted as OK or repeated – no, not at all.  But you must remember where your authority lies regarding the judgment of someone else’s personal life.  It isn’t our job to condemn souls.

6. It reveals a Spiritual and mental weakness of discernment in the fields of political judgment and investing time and money; naivete regarding world events; along with an idle ego.

A Third-party candidate may be wonderful in his own way, but if he is bearing no political and governmental fruit, what value is he as a leader and why do you waste your time supporting him?  That is idleness and wasteful spending.  Furthermore, it is damaging to the results of the Presidential Election.  You know that your vote bears weight, and a CLOWNS vote will only benefit Obama/Biden.  You and your agenda will be forgotten about and you will gradually become irrelevant.  Once again, that’s exactly what the enemy wants to happen to you, and you are letting him have his way.

“And do not give the devil an opportunity.” – Ephesians 4:27

A President must be selected based on his political fruit.  Senator John McCain has showed positive political fruit.  He is pro-life and he is a Constitutionalist.  CLOWNS vote candidates have displayed very little – if any – positive political fruit (and the same can be said about the Liberal Democrat opponents).  The CLOWNS vote is idle, and idleness is the devil’s workshop.  The CLOWNS vote has done as little work as possible to avoid “tainting” themselves and have thus attempted to prove by a meager wink and a promise that they are the ones for the job.  The jib-jab type satirical ads mocking Bush, Clinton, McCain and Obama on The Constitution Party candidates’ website are very unprofessional and unpresidential for serious Presidential and Vice Presidential contenders to flaunt, which further exposes their illegitimacy.  They claim to be like one of the Founding Fathers running for President and boast about having no flip-flopping record (*ahem* they barely have any – if they do have any – political record at all).  That is even worse than the windy naïve Obama!  Now that’s something to be very embarrassed about.  Be ashamed.  Be very ashamed.

“In all labor there is profit, but mere talk leads only to poverty.” – Proverbs 14:23

“The naïve believes everything, but the sensible man considers his steps.” – Proverbs 14:15

The CLOWNS are obviously just as confused as the Socialists.  They do not understand the high stakes of appointing Supreme Court Justices (need I remind you that they are appointed for life?).  They do not understand the high stakes of the Economy and the cause of the financial crisis.  They do not understand the high stakes of the War on Terrorism and the enemies that have their hearts and minds set on slaughtering us…and how jubilant they would be to see a Socialist President of the United States of America.

The idea of keeping yourself untainted by avoiding voting for McCain-Palin is akin to the following parable written by my mother:

“Folks, this is like knowing that a murder or robbery is going to take place, and instead of calling the police to stop it, you go to your church and start a petition all agreeing that it is a bad thing to murder or rob a bank, and coming back a week later to present your petition from the godly people condemning murder and robbery to the community, after the death and destruction has taken place. You take the “high road” without getting your hands dirty because you didn’t want to get involved in the process that could have stopped the evil deeds. And thus, the mis-directed action results in more evil abounding.”

“There is a way which seems right to a man, but its end is the way of death.” – Proverbs 14:12

Ultimately, while the rest of us are voting on principle, CLOWNS are voting on liberal propaganda (“John McCain did…blahblahblah!”).  While the rest of us are voting on values, CLOWNS are voting on sex (“Sarah Palin is blasphemous!”).  While the rest of us are voting on common sense, CLOWNS are voting on conspiracy (“Republicans and Democrats want to take over the world! We’re all gonna die!”).  CLOWNS may very well be doing it with hearty intentions out of conscience and in faith, but to actually accomplish anything, you need to get a reality check and vote sensibly.

So now we must answer honestly: Regardless of which candidate you will vote for, which candidate do you want to see as your President for the next four years – McCain or Obama? The result will only be one or the other of those two. Now, CLOWNS, since you still have time to influence who that President will be, toss aside your self-righteousness, your idle ego, and all things silly.  Find some real principles to vote on!


Prayers for the nation and the world,


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