I’ve tended to live with my head in the past or the future, and difficulty focusing on the present. It came more naturally to me to strive against seasons than appreciate them. I made a conscious effort my last two semesters of graduate school to absorb every moment of my current season, with all its pressures, committing all future seasons to the LORD as the Psalms and Proverbs tirelessly (admit it – frustratingly) instruct us. Time is somehow fleeting and endless at once.

One year ago this night (October 31st), Joshua asked me to marry him. Less than five months later, a wedding band joined my marquise diamond. A month into marriage, a tiny growing person entered the story. I probably would have laughed if a year ago I could have seen I’d have this picture so near in the future. It’s good when we laugh in the present without fear of the future, isn’t it?

Photo credit: Abigail Read

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