Two Decades Down…

Amanda Read, 20th BirthdayYesterday I turned twenty.  Well, I can now say that the first decade of my life was spent spread across the globe, and the second decade of my life was spent in Alabama.  The next decade is yet to be told.

I had a great birthday.  My twelve-year old sister Abigail did my birthday photo shoot for me.  For each birthday I like to get one decent photograph taken to last me the rest of the year.  It’s sort of a funny tradition that will probably become irrelevant as my face ceases to change very much (haha).

My mom and sisters made chocolate cake and whoopie pies (a desert that should be featured on the Farm Girls blog soon).  We certainly had our fill of deserts, after a dinner of roast and rice, etc.  We played the games “You’ve Been Sentenced” and “Scattergories” late into the night.

By far my biggest surprise was my family’s gift to me – Sarah Palin’s book, Going Rogue.  As much as I’ve been interested in reading it, I didn’t expect it.  I’m not “big into” getting presents anyway (unless I can think of something I really need).  But a surprise is still exciting!

Sarah Palin's book, Going Rogue


4 Thoughts.

  1. Happy Birthday Amanda!
    I recently found your blog while looking for something about Jennie Chancey. As it turns out, we have a mutual friend. I am a Florida friend of Bev Williams-and to make things even funnier, I was on the phone with her last night and mentioned that I had found your blog and she told me that you were having a birthday.
    I’ve enjoyed looking over your posts and looking at your family’s other sites.
    I do hope you had a lovely birthday (it sounds like you did—especially with Whoopie Pies on the menu!) and that you have a blessed year ahead of you. :-)

  2. I’m glad that you had a good birthday, Amanda. I hope that you enjoy Palin’s book. It should be interesting. I have heard good things about it, and intend to read it soon.

    I can kind of agree with you about presents. I like to give them, and have problem with receiving them, but giving is more fun for me. When I was younger, it was not this way, and now it is.

    I pray that you have a marvelous twentieth year, as you use your amazing, God-given talents for His glory. God bless. :)

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