Amy Lutz of Young America’s Foundation writes,

…Unfortunately, this appears to be a case of a university playing lip service to tolerance while members of its community promote actions that could arguably fuel intolerance. UCLA is just one of several California universities where the student government has passed a divestment resolution in recent years, calling for the school to “’divest’ from American companies that are accused of abusing Palestinian human rights” because of their affiliation with the nation of Israel. There’s nothing innately wrong with questioning the actions of a foreign nation, or even our own nation, for that matter. Yet, why isn’t there a similar “divestment” campaign aimed at Russia, where the government has passed several laws infringing upon free speech? Or what about Saudi Arabia and Yemen, where homosexuality may be punishable by death?…

Anti-Semitism has been spurred on by an allergic reaction to Israel that favors Palestinians as a sort of victimized proletariat deserving revolution against Israel, a nation that ironically has survived true oppression for millennia. Might that be why anti-Semitism festers in our halls of academia and vocal (perhaps naive) supporters are terrorist organizations are tolerated?

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