I came home Saturday with this feeling of needing to study – but no, the studying has already been done! The test has been taken – there is no going back or drilling strategies into my brain with the hopes of accomplishing what is subconsciously expected of me or what my high ideals demand.

Mom and Dad said they would take me to pick up my class ring after the test but they surprised me by bringing it home that night! It is very nice, but unfortunately I am unable to photograph it because David dropped our photo camera and caused a severe lens error. I suppose I could try getting a picture with my laptop web cam, but it just isn’t the best quality for photographing.

I haven’t been able to blog for nearly a month because the studying has been so time consuming. I still don’t think I studied hard enough. I don’t even feel like I’ve graduated because there were so many things I wanted to complete before hand that I haven’t finished. Of course, just because you graduate doesn’t mean you have to stop your education. Life is full of learning!

There are still some glitches in this new blog (the RSS feed still has code errors). I’m trying to get it worked out with the help of my computer friends.

Grandmomma, Granddaddy and cousin Emma just drove up to go swimming with us in our pool.

I hope to write more later.


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