Recently I saw an online article about intellectuals disputing the authorship of Shakespeare’s writings.  They said that Shakespeare, “being a provincial lad”, could not have possibly written such excellent dramas regarding law, politics, philosophy, history, etc.  I have never dissected this issue in depth, so I can’t claim to know if this elite hypothesis has any substantial backing.  But it appears to me that more than just honest presuppositions are behind it, as unwittingly as it might be.

So many seem to believe that in order to be a significant and worthwhile individual you must go through an accredited system of learning that inches you towards excellence on its own time and terms.  I see no difficulty in believing that if a man such as William Shakespeare could read and write, he could learn whatever he wanted to learn and ultimately produce some of the greatest literature in the world.  Is that overreaching at all?  It seems difficult for the modern mind to grasp.

There are some people that can excel in the conventional way of studying. Yet just because you have not been educated according to the same circumstances as the average intellectual does not mean that you cannot think.  In fact, in order to write anything outstanding, it would be advisable to learn how to think outside of the politically correct box.  I have read and attended Shakespeare plays, and the below bio sketch aligns with the nature of the dramas:

“William Shakespeare was born in April 1564 at Stratford-on-Avon, located in one of England’s fairest rural settings.  The beauty of the region deeply influenced him, as he was a close observer of God’s world, the world of nature and human beings.

His schooling was brief, but intense.  Besides Latin, the required works in English were the catechism, Psalter, The Book of Common Prayer, and the New Testament.

Many echoes from the Bible and the prayer book are found in the writings of Shakespeare.  In fact, he refers to the Bible more than any playwright of his day.  The Scriptures not only gave him the conviction of a moral universe under God, but having a Christian background and framework helped to fire his imagination.”

– “Shakespeare’s Influence on Great Composers”, from The Gift of Music: Great Composers and Their Influence by Jane Stuart Smith and Betty Carlson

“If a person should master Shakespeare and the Bible, he would find all that is greatest in human thought. With the exception of the Scriptures, Shakespeare’s dramas have surpassed all other works in molding modern English thought.”

– Halleck, a professor at Yale University

No wonder Shakespeare is so controversial.

This is the first printed edition of Shakespeare’s collected plays, now at Cornell University Library



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Thursday, October 11, 2007 – Untitled Comment

Posted by BlogBoy (
Hey, maybe we will all be controversial someday also. I never knew that about Shakespeare.

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Saturday, October 13, 2007 – Untitled Comment

Posted by walkbyfaith (
That’s just plain nonsense! The world drived me nuts with it’s ideas that you have to learn their way to be educated. But in reality you just need to know how to read and have access to books. 🙂

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Saturday, October 13, 2007 – RYC:

Posted by SuperAngel (
Sorry I haven’t commented. I took a little trip. Come read where!!
It was a great show, wasn’t it??
Thanks for coming by.
My middle name is Dawn. And I hate it because whenever someone says it they start singing “Delta Dawn”. Its an old song and its annoying!!
I think I knew that your middle name was Christine. I don’t remember how I know, but I think I knew that.
As Always,
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Saturday, October 13, 2007 – Untitled Comment

Posted by BlogBoy (
I just have uncovered my love for Shakespeare! Around three or four months ago I listened to a Mid Summers Nights Dream and I thought it was really boring. A lot has changed since then, and when I watched the movie Hamlet (1990) last night I really was inspired by Shakespeare’s writing. Can’t wait to get some of his other works!

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Sunday, October 14, 2007 – Untitled Comment

Posted by lotrsavvy
Thanks! 😀 Pirates music is awesome!

How have you been?


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Wednesday, October 17, 2007 – Hi Amanda

Posted by LadyRachel
Hi ‘Manda…
How are things? HAHA! *JK* UGH! I HATE my old picture. I must get a new one, I look kinda little in it, dontcha’ think?

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