A quick tip from Theodosia…
Last night was restless for her because her nose was a bit stuffy which made her panic. I let her sniff Eucalyptus Globulus and Peppermint to help her breathe (excellent treatment, appropriately used!). This evening she was feeling sniffly and grumpy again, and then she found the Eucalyptus on my bedside table and soothed herself carrying it around with the lid on, sniffing it. Next moment I heard a shriek, and realized she had somehow gotten oil out of the bottle and rubbed into her eye. Milk is the traditional treatment for that sort of scenario, but in this case I just grabbed a handful of nearby coconut oil and slathered her face with it and the burn stopped immediately. Probably any other plain, gentle oil can serve the same purpose!

I’ve been a Young Living Essential Oils distributor for five years now because I enjoy discounted access to the products. You can read more about that on my Health & Beauty page.


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