Pam & Tim Tebow (AP Photo)
Pam & Tim Tebow (AP Photo)

So let’em tell it!

Liberal women’s groups et al are offended at the prospects of a Super Bowl ad featuring Tim Tebow and his mother, Pam.  The reason?  Because it is “likely to convey an anti-abortion message.”  In our ultra-sterile revisionist environment, more and more people appear to be developing an allergic reaction to history.

Tim Tebow’s life story is likely to convey an anti-abortion message.  So what?  Tim Tebow is likely to convey that the SEC is a force of mind and muscle to be reckoned with by his academic and athletic record (I’m an Alabama fan by the way).  Tim Tebow is likely to convey that homeschoolers can kick butt in sports (note to State: I want the Tebow Bill passed for my little brothers!).  Tim Tebow is likely to convey that large families don’t breed starving, perpetually infantile idiots (he’s the youngest of five children).  Tim Tebow is likely to convey that the left hand isn’t the hand of the devil (I’m left handed too!).  Tim Tebow is likely to convey that doctors can be wrong by his medical record (they thought he would be weak and deformed if allowed to be born).  Tim Tebow is likely to convey that Christian conservatives tend to be an attractive bunch of people (you’re all jealous, and God is not mocked!).

In my government class last semester, the professor asked us to share our thoughts on the dangers of Tyranny of the Majority.  I responded that we’re more so under Tyranny of the loud-mouthed Minority.  The significant ideological minority thinks it can pitch a fit and get a commercial taken off the air that the majority of the population wouldn’t mind seeing.

“What?  That would have been a great ad!  And yeah, a true story is a true story.” – Rachel Read

“I don’t see any problem with a commercial like that. It’s better than the ridiculous amount of beer commercials that get shown.” – Catherine Geiger

“Very interesting, when you stand up for something of real value, you’re labeled as “offensive”. While in reality, out of all the Super Bowl ads, it will most likely be the LEAST offensive. The trash they allow on air now a days is unreal.” – Jay Williams

“Bill O’Reilly asked [a feminist from one of the critic groups] repeatedly if she was happy that the football player was alive. The woman refused to say that she was happy about it, and kept responding that she was happy that she ‘had a choice’.  They are so wrapped up in their precious obsession with their horrific ‘choice’ that many times they almost prefer abortion and can not find joy in a child being born. It’s so sad and disturbing.” – Timothy Stone

Oh, the arrogance!  Loud-mouthed women’s groups are the worst (I’m a woman, so I have license to say that).  Oh, the hypocrisy as well.  These people tell you that they hate abortion and just want what’s best for the woman.  Well, if that is so, what is wrong with telling the story of a woman who chose not to have an abortion – a story that ends with her baby becoming a Heisman Trophy winner?  You guessed it.  The fear is that stories of refusing abortion turn out more successful than those of accepting abortion, which in turn makes abortion rights advocates look cruel and dimwitted.  As a pro-life woman once said, “These people don’t care about women’s rights.  They care about abortion rights.”

A true story is a true story.  Get over it.

01/28/10 UPDATE:  – Dr. Charmaine Yoest (Americans United for Life) vs. Erin Matson (National Organization for Women) on MSNBC:

“The outrage is palpable!  You know, no one wants to have the abortion debate with their six year old in the living room during the Super Bowl.” (Erin Matson)

Come to think of it, there are many things you might not want to discuss during the Super Bowl – such as torn ACLs, concussions, cracked ribs, and crazy singers getting their bras ripped off during the half time show (remember the Janet Jackson debacle?).

But Marx forbid that the inspirational life story of a football player be broadcast during the Super Bowl.

Here is offered up an ad that tells a sweet story which beautifully complements American football.  The game of football is one of our national cultural symbols of strength, courage, discipline, sacrifice, resilience and survival.  The ad is about Tim Tebow, who has brought forth great contributions to the field and society in general, and his mother Pam, the woman who brought him forth – and as a historical side note, the handful of grossly mistaken doctors who might have prevented all this from happening.

I have an eerie feeling that the pro-abortion groups, as much as they claim to care about respect for women, would far rather watch the bra-busting episode than the Tim Tebow ad.

01/29/10 UPDATE: Robert Stacy McCain says, “[W]hile the man-haters at NOW tried to prevent the Tebow ad from being shown during the Super Bowl, they haven’t mounted a similar protest against Budweiser ads featuring scantily-clad babes.”  He’s got a point there!

02/02/10 UPDATE: Washington Post Sports Columnist Sally Jenkins puts her fellow feminists in their place:

“Tim Tebow is one of the better things to happen to young women in some time.”

“I’m pro-choice, and Tebow clearly is not. But based on what I’ve heard in the past week, I’ll take his side against the group-think, elitism and condescension of the ‘National Organization of Fewer and Fewer Women All The Time.’ For one thing, Tebow seems smarter than they do.”

“Tebow’s 30-second ad hasn’t even run yet, but it already has provoked ‘The National Organization for Women Who Only Think Like Us’ to reveal something important about themselves: They aren’t actually ‘pro-choice’ so much as they are pro-abortion. Pam Tebow has a genuine pro-choice story to tell.”

“If the pro-choice stance is so precarious that a story about someone who chose to carry a risky pregnancy to term undermines it, then CBS is not the problem.”

02/12/10 UPDATE:  In retrospect, who are the extremists now?

As cleverly composed by William Blake two centuries ago, the message to liberals is:

Mock on, Mock on, Voltaire, Rousseau; Mock on, Mock on, ’tis all in vain.

You throw the sand against the wind, and the wind blows it back again;

And every sand becomes a Gem

Reflected in the beams divine;

Blown back, they blind the mocking Eye,

But still in Israel’s paths they shine…


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