The month is nearly over, so I really ought to make another post. Since I’m behind on photos, I’ll include some.

Here is my class ring:
Class Ring 08 - Top/Jewel/Homeschool
Class Ring 08 - Amanda/Art side
Class Ring 08 - Bible/2008 side
Class Ring - 2Timothy inscription

{Photography by Abigail}

Here is the landscape painting I completed recently:
Pond Landscape 08
We ordered notecards with this painting printed on them for our own Fair Hills Farm stationary. The notecards arrived yesterday and they turned out pretty nice! We hope to customize some more notecards with my other paintings and perhaps some of Abigail’s photographs. Maybe we will sell them on our website.

The Clarks and the Gholsons visited during the first/second weeks of July. I’m glad that the second clutch of chicks hatched while they were visiting! That was fun.
{Abigail (center), Mary (left) and Sarah Clark (right) wearing their best friends lockets – I actually managed to digitally shrink their pictures small enough to fit in them!}

On Monday our third cousins (or something like that – not entirely sure if I got the relationship correct, but something pretty close) visited. The weather was really hot that day, but we had a good time regardless.

Yesterday we had a much needed thunderstorm…but unfortunately the electricity went out. Nevertheless, it turned out to be exciting because we then had an excuse to eat out at Roma’s and visit the Williams!

We grind our own wheat (as well as many other friends that we know), so to make up for the rising wheat costs we’ve decided to become distributors for a wheat company. That will be yet another business facet of Fair Hills Farm.

I’m still working on my “article-type” blog posts in a notebook occasionally and hope to post them this summmer when I find time. I’ve been kept busy offline with farm work, guests, article writing and school scheduling. It has been exciting to help Mom organize my siblings’ curriculum for this year since I will be able to spend more time actually teaching them since I’ve graduated! However, I still have a little studying to do myself since I’m planning on CLEPing a year’s worth of college this Fall. I have to make a passing score on the 5 general exams (English Composition, Humanities, Mathematics, History and Social Sciences, Natural Sciences) in order to get the credit.

Oh, I mustn’t forget to mention that I now have some wonderful new sketching supplies. We went to the Hobby Lobby (I get to go there about once a year) so I could stock up on some new things. I got new charcoal and woodless graphite pencils, a kneaded eraser, sketching pens with multiple nibs and an ink well, new paint brushes, and a new artist’s palette and sketch book (it’s easy to run out of paper fast!). I’ve been sketching as often as possible now. It is so much nicer to have fine sketching nibs instead of having to use only my fountain pen.

I’ll write more if I think of anything else to say…

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