We had a nice rain today. The weather has started cooling down somewhat. I am getting close to half-way through with the screenplay, but I wish I could move a little faster.

“I am always too slow – always too hesitant. Always on writtens I sit and think it out before I write anything – I make little pencil jottings down and summings up – I collect the scattered messy scraps in my mind before I can try to answer a question. Then, of course, I never finish.”

– Anne Morrow Lindbergh, 1926

At least I’m not the only person in history that feels that way. That’s not all Anne Morrow Lindbergh got written down either (I’m currently reading her collection of letters and diaries in Bring Me A Unicorn).

We have to pick up Mirette from the vet tomorrow; Dad and I took her in for spaying yesterday (everyone that comes to my blog will soon be sick of hearing about my cat stories, I’m sure). He also took me by Sonic and the public library yesterday, and I worked on the screenplay while he played racquetball at the Army Depot.

Rachel received the special edition DVD collection of Pride And Prejudice as a gift from our friend, Annie. I’ve seen it once before (about six hours long – 1995 version), but I’m enjoying watching it again with Rachel (we just stopped it a little while ago – it’s just past the scene when Elizabeth meets that Mr. Wickham!).

I’ll close for now.




Sep. 8, 2006 – hello

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