At 238 years of age, I suppose it’s about time that America can no longer blame decline and error on youthful indiscretion. Here are some observations about a particular 4th of July-themed film that annoyed some readers more than I anticipated (I offended fans of the film). Any thoughts?


Read “1776 the musical and insidious views of liberty” at Brenner Brief News

I enjoyed our traditional family patriotic celebration outing, which is when I read aloud the Declaration of Independence on our way to eat out and then watch fireworks, usually the evening before the Fourth.

Here’s some Independence Day style I invented last year that you ladies might be interested in, especially while ModCloth has a sale happening:

Independence Day Style

Today we enjoyed worshipping our ultimate liberator Jesus Christ in fellowship with other believers at the First Baptist Church that our grandparents invited us to attend this morning. There was a sweet moment of thanking all the troops, current and retired, for their service to this country on which God’s Providence has so long smiled. That includes my Dear Old Dad, who served in the U.S. Army for 20 years.

Afterward we went to Grandmomma and Granddaddy’s house for homemade peach ice cream, and to pick blueberries from their impressively tall and fruitful Rabbit Eye bushes.

Interesting Scripture reference on the back of the church program this morning, isn't it?

Interesting Scripture reference on the back of the church program this morning, isn’t it?

I’ve got something else I plan to write about soon. I’ll just leave a teaser here for now. Hint: Her name means “year of liberty.”


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