Jennifer Lawrence’s reason for privately taking the nude photos that were disseminated across the internet against her will and knowledge was the following, as she told Vanity Fair:

I was in a loving, healthy, great relationship for four years. It was long distance, and either your boyfriend is going to look at porn or he’s going to look at you.

This is such a travesty of thought. True liberation and self-worth come from an awareness that one’s body is not a mundane “choice” to dispense like currency and commodity (no matter how selectively), but is a holy gift from an artistic Creator to be a temple of the Holy Spirit and a blessing to a committed spouse. I Corinthians 6 may have no meaning to this actress if she is not a Christian, of course, and I would not dare hold her to Christian standards if she does not profess Christ herself.

But there is something else here that nags at me as a writer for the page and screen. Apparently women whose beauty is before the public eye feel particularly pressured to give their real-life unmarried love interests something more than they ought. (A man in a relationship with an actress may think he deserves to see at least as much of her as men get to see of her on screen!)

Lowlife media and porn are devastating single women as well as married women. Men and marriages are not spared either. Those of us who recognize this have a responsibility to raise the bar and produce material that is creatively earthy without violating the sanctity of body and relationship.

Miss Lawrence, as lovely and nearsighted a sinner as all of us, could not comprehend that someone in this world would stoop so low as to violate her privacy and private property rights. Her actions do not excuse a peeping troll who was in pursuit of sordid gain, but she would have done well to take such a risk factor into account.

The reality is that humanity is not basically good, but inherently sinful. There are people who will give in to temptation at every opportunity, especially when Mammon is involved.

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