Just Facts: Miseducation Groomed Students to Support the Green New Deal

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  • Lindy Abbott

    Excellent job! Love the graphics. I had to go back a few times to the graph to believe that the solar energy produces so little..... as seen by the little red dotted line. WOW! That is a powerful graphic. The dotted line at first, second and maybe even third glance seemed like the bottom line of the graph until I saw the key even though you had SOLAR clearly pointed out. It was not for lack of data that I had trouble gleaning from the graphic. It was the fact that the solar data was so minuscule. But this graph alone impacted my thinking and remains in my memory as a counter fact to commonly taught and believed dribble. P. S. I also looked over your website and love the black handwritten notes around the right column of the page and the other hand drawn pics. Also, Your photo at the very top with you on the sofa in the wide rim black hat is my favorite. I think this would make a lovely large portrait in your home.

    • Amanda Read Sheik

      Thank you for the feedback, Lindy! Joshua has great creativity with graphics. I'm really hoping to do more with this website, and make it a real "thinking woman" model journal, a sort of digital version of the old fashioned "commonplace book" habit. Abigail's photography is always fantastic!

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